Watercress and goat’s cheese crostini with asparagus

Watercress and goat's cheese crostini with asparagus and radishes - perfect little bite-sized canapés for a summer party.

Firstly: how flippin’ sophisticated do I look with this recipe?!

(…I’m aware that I’ve probably just ruined it)

Secondly: I’m on a mission to use more ingredients. Not more ingredients per recipe - don’t worry, I’m aware that you guys are almost as lazy as I am when it comes to cooking. No, I just mean more ingredients in general. I often gravitate towards the same flavour combinations, but I want to branch out a bit and try using ingredients that I don’t usually go for – and also to make some dishes that I wouldn’t usually think to make.

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Creamy Mediterranean tortellini bake

Creamy Mediterranean tortellini bake-4

It's multicooker time! I've had this gadget for around 8 months now, and I'm still really enjoying it. I often use my multicooker instead of my slow cooker these days, because you can fry up your veg beforehand without having to use a second pan - then just use the 'stew' setting to cook things slowly. Very handy. This time I used my Redmond multicooker to make a super … Read more

Kale and parmesan hummus

Kale and parmesan hummus 3

I have a weird relationship with chickpeas. I absolutely adore them 95% of the time (see: 31 vegetarian chickpea recipes), but just occasionally I find their texture a bit weird - usually when they've been mashed or blended. In other words, I find falafel pretty tricky sometimes, and I don't really like hummus. Yeah, I know. Hummus is like liquid (um, viscous liquid?) gold … Read more

Peach and basil white sangria

Peach and basil white sangria-2

Helloooo, sunshine! We've been having fairly mixed weather here lately - one day it'll be chucking it down, and the next it'll be gloriously sunny. Today is the latter, thankfully! So let's make the most of the sun while it's here, and celebrate with sangria! (which, by the way, you have to say in an obnoxiously bad Spanish accent: sangriiiiaaaa!) … Read more

Cheese and chive savoury flapjacks

Cheese and chive savoury flapjacks-6

I don't know my neighbours very well. I can tell you what music they're into, because I hear it through the walls (mostly Ed Sheeran, if you're interested), and I can tell you when their kids' birthdays are because of the banners they hang on their front door... but ask me what they do for a living, and I wouldn't have a clue. It's actually really sad! And I'm sure there are … Read more

33 tasty vegetarian kale recipes

33 tasty vegetarian kale recipes

Kale! It's a vegetable that I don't think I had ever tried until last year, when I was introduced to it via a cookbook all about kale (Let Them Eat Kale! by the absolutely lovely Julia from The Roasted Root - you can read my post about it here!). Since then, it's quickly shot up to a pretty prominent position on my 'favourite vegetables' list (which is a list that I've never … Read more