Aperol Spritz cocktail

Aperol Spritz - a yummy cocktail for people who don't have a super sweet tooth. It's so easy to make with the simple formula!


Have you ever heard of Aperol? It’s actually not a spirit I’ve had many times before, but I had my first Aperol Spritz cocktail this summer, and since it graced my kitchen again this week I thought I’d share it with you.

If you’ve not had Aperol before, I’m going to do a pretty bad job of describing it to you, because it’s really hard to find the words. It’s sort of herby, sort of fruity, sort of bitter… basically it’s a whole new kind of drink, totally unlike anything I can think of. You just have to try it to understand!

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Mozzarella-stuffed aubergine and rice balls

Mozzarella-stuffed aubergine and rice balls-3

I've been meaning to make arancini (breaded risotto balls) for aaages, but I never have any leftover risotto to use up - it's so good, it just gets eaten (whoops). And making a risotto from scratch for the sole purpose of making arancini always seems a bit of a faff, definitely not the sort of thing I can be bothered to do regularly. Then inspiration struck! I use these … Read more

Healthier korma curry

Healthier korma curry-5

If I was imagining a healthy curry, a korma would not be it. A korma is usually super rich, super creamy, and super sweet- not exactly a light option. But, since avoiding all the nice things in life in the name of health is frankly quite boring, I thought I'd just lighten it up a bit instead. A healthier korma! … Read more

Courgette fritter waffles

Courgette fritter waffles-4

Part fritter, part waffle, these courgette fritter waffles (fraffles? witters?) are the first in a long line of experiments with my new waffle maker. Yes, just in case there was any danger of the six inches of free counter space in my kitchen feeling lonely and unloved, I got a new appliance to fill them. Vegetable chopping now occurs on top of the oven, and you have to move … Read more

This Month’s Recipes: September 2015

TMR September 2015 caption

So here we are - October! The month of reluctant Hallowe'en costumes, orange leaves, and finally allowing myself to put the heating on. Things could be worse. September was a really busy month for me - I had something on every weekend (which is very busy, for somebody as hermitty as me). I spoke at BlogStock, spent a lovely weekend at the Food Blogger Connect conference … Read more

Introducing the Amuse Your Bouche newsletter!

Introducing AYB newsletter

Every now and then I get an idea in my head, and run with it. Over the past few weeks I've been working really hard to revamp the emails you'll receive if you're subscribed to recipe updates - as well as putting together a few new exciting things. It all goes live today. Yay! If you're not already signed up to my recipe emails, click here to get yourself on the list, and … Read more