Creamy lentil and aubergine stack

Creamy lentil and aubergine stack - simple to make, easy to stack, and very fun to knock over!

I’m on a total puy lentil kick at the moment. Ever since I discovered the little sachets of pre-cooked lentils, I can’t get enough. They’re like healthy convenience food. My excuse is that it’s pretty hard to find the dried kind here, otherwise I’d boil them myself.

But even if you can’t get the sachets of pre-cooked lentils, you can still make this lentil and aubergine stack. Just boil your lentils as you usually would, then cook the recipe as written. You can even use leftover lentils from the previous night’s dinner if you need help to justify the extra step!

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Corn and artichoke vegan pizza

Corn and artichoke vegan pizza-5

Here's another recipe that was requested on my Facebook page: vegan pizza. I know, I had the same reaction when I first saw the suggestion - I adore cheese, why on earth would I want to make a vegan pizza? But, you know I love to experiment with different types of food, so I thought I'd give it a go. To be honest, it is a bit of a cop-out to just heap everything with … Read more

Traditional British Pimm’s

Traditional British Pimms-4

I am allll about the cocktails this summer! First white sangria, then snazzy layered cocktails, now a traditional British Pimm's - with a few impromptu home cocktail nights thrown into the mix as well. I usually just reach for a beer or a glass of wine by default, so it's been really fun having some more exciting refreshments this summer! If you're not familiar with Pimm's, … Read more

Spicy yogurt cucumber salad

Spicy yogurt cucumber salad-7

A couple of weeks ago, I asked on my Facebook page whether there were any particular recipes you'd like to see this summer (if you missed it, feel free to continue adding suggestions to the post, or down below in the comments!). I had some great responses, which have pretty much dictated my last week of cooking. I am your humble servant - you ask, I deliver. So, let's start … Read more

Banoffee no-churn ice cream

Banoffee no-churn ice cream-8

I don't think I have ever been this impressed with myself before! Getting great grades in my A Levels, graduating from uni, even that one time I completely emptied the laundry basket... nothing comes close to how impressed I am with this homemade ice cream. This was actually my first batch of ice cream ever - so if you've never attempted homemade ice cream before, don't run … Read more

Kale and mushroom savoury baklava

Kale and mushroom savoury baklava-6

I've already done savoury flapjacks, so why not savoury baklava? (don't answer that) Baklava is a Turkish dessert that's usually made with nuts and honey, but since I don't have the biggest sweet tooth, I thought I'd make it a bit more 'me' by making a savoury version. I love taking a well-known recipe and mixing it up and making it a bit different - see pizza quesadillas, … Read more