Announcing: The first Amuse Your Bouche supper club!

Supper club collage

I am sooooo excited about this! So excited that I accidentally just wrote that sentence with the caps lock on and seriously considered leaving it that way. A lot of you cook my recipes, and a lot of you share your lovely photos with me (which seriously makes my day! Do it more!), but if there’s one… 

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Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza-3

Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza

Since vegetarian food is often cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and (to some) even more delicious than meat, a lot of companies are starting to feed their employees meatless meals – even if it’s just once a week, as part of the Meatless Monday initiative. One of those companies is Ovo Energy, based in Bristol, who are… 

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Breakfast pizza-6

Breakfast pizza

I’ve eaten pizza for breakfast a few times, but it’s usually not a particularly considered decision. It’s more of a ‘oh look, there’s leftover pizza in the fridge, and in all honestly it’s not going to make it to lunchtime without being eaten, so we may as well just have it now and call it breakfast’…. 

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TMR February 2015 collage

This Month’s Recipes: February 2015

WHAT how is it March already?! I know February’s only a short one, but holy wow that went quickly.I can’t believe it’s nearly spring, I swear it was only just Christmas! Now if only the weather would catch up with the months, we’d be sorted. Last month a few of you told me off for… 

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Butter roasted radishes-5

Butter roasted radishes

Since it seems to be the week for using vegetables that I don’t often use: I don’t think I have ever cooked with radishes before. I’ve had them raw a few times in salads, and to be honest they’ve never particularly inspired me. I’m sure they’re lovely if you’re into salads (is anyone ‘into’ salads?), but cold,… 

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Leek and sweet potato cannelloni 3

Leek and sweet potato cannelloni

I very rarely cook with sweet potatoes, but for some reason I’ve used them about three times in the last week, and now I’m wondering why they don’t make a more regular occurrence in my kitchen! They’re just as easy to prepare as normal potatoes, but they cook a lot quicker, and they’re potentially even… 

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Homemade instant oatmeal 4

Homemade instant oatmeal

I was sent a breakfast hamper a few weeks ago, and in it (amongst other things) there were some of those sachets of instant oatmeal – the kind you just add water to. They were absolutely delicious and I loved being able to have a nice hot breakfast with barely any effort – much more… 

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