Roasted potato tikka masala

Roasted potato tikka masala 6

You can’t beat a good curry! And tikka masala is one of my favourites (hence why I made my own version back in July). I don’t have it too often (most curry places serve it with your choice of meat, but unfortunately none isn’t usually an option), but it’s a real crowd-pleaser – heaps of flavour,… 

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Enchilada baked eggs 7

Enchilada baked eggs

All hail baked eggs! They’re stupidly quick and easy to make, and you can dress them up however you fancy. Veggies, cheese, sauces… you can even make them taste like enchiladas. All these enchilada baked eggs need is a spoonful of salsa or enchilada sauce, a spoonful of refried beans, a little sprinkling of cheese…… 

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Crock pot mushroom stroganoff 5

Crock-Pot mushroom stroganoff (Crock-Pot giveaway!)

I’ve been meaning to remake this Crock-Pot mushroom stroganoff recipe for ages – I originally posted it waaaay back in March 2012, and the photos were in dire need of an update (if you really must see it, it’s here… don’t judge me, I didn’t know any better). It’s actually been a really popular recipe on the… 

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Portobello steak strips 5

Portobello ‘steak’ strips

These portobello ‘steak’ strips are not: – identical to real steak – going to fool anyone into thinking they’re real steak – as chewy as real steak (…I assume…) These portobello ‘steak’ strips are: – dark and smoky and full of flavour – useful as a vegan alternative for recipes that might otherwise call for steak… 

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Healthy vegetarian comfort food collage with title

40 healthier vegetarian comfort food recipes

We all love comfort food – especially when the nights are closing in. Salad is a no-no at this time of year, and all I want is a big warm bowl of something to curl up with on the sofa under a blanket (…I only mean my legs will be under the blanket, not the food… 

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Baked goat cheese 3

Baked goat’s cheese

FIVE INGREDIENTS GUYS. This baked goat’s cheese has five ingredients. Plus, two of them are herbs, so they barely count, and another one is just bread to serve it with, so basically: TWO ingredients. Just goat’s cheese baked in passata. You don’t need to add loads of other things just for the sake of it –… 

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Curried broccoli dal 8

Curried broccoli dal

The beginning of autumn means comfort food! Food that serves both to make me less depressed about the end of the summer, and to warm me up when it’s miserable outside (this morning it genuinely looked like a scene from a horror movie outside with all the mist). And what’s more comforting than a big bowlful of warm… 

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