Roasted red pepper falafel

Roasted red pepper falafel with sriracha - sweet and spicy, and perfect in pitta bread with salad and a drizzle of sauce!

I have a love-hate relationship with falafel. I love the flavours and the crispy bits on the outside – and, as a vegetarian, I feel I really should enjoy them (especially considering that falafel and hummus in a wrap is the only vegetarian option in about 97% of cafés around here).

But as I’ve told you before, I sometimes find them sooo dryyy that they just suck all the moisture out of your mouth. Not really what you’re going for when eating a meal. It makes it really hard to enjoy them.

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Garlic mushroom burritos with sriracha rice

Garlic mushroom burritos-4

Here's supper club recipe #2 - garlic mushroom burritos! I adore these burritos. The main reason is that I've recently discovered sriracha (I know, where have I been for the last 2+ years?), and I'm bloomin' obsessed with the stuff. I know everyone else in the world loves sriracha, and I always thought, surely it can't be as good as everyone says it is? It's just hot … Read more

Carrot and red lentil koftas

Carrot and red lentil koftas-9

I actually made these carrot and red lentil koftas aaages ago (my Instagram picture serves as proof - I wonder whether Instagram has ever been used as evidence in court?), but I've only just got around to sharing them. Sorry if you were waiting for the recipe! Koftas are usually balls of meat, but here I've made a lentil version (the whole 'vegetarian' thing, and all), and … Read more

Cheesy fried tortellini

Cheesy fried tortellini-2

It's already been an entire week since my supper club in London! I know a few of you were interested in seeing some pictures, so I thought I'd share a few here - along with the recipes from the night, of course. I'll share them one at a time over the next few weeks, starting with potentially my favourite dish from the whole night - cheesy fried tortellini! It's cheese and … Read more