Aubergine red Thai curry noodle bowls

Aubergine red Thai curry bowls-5

It’s another dinner bowl! I’m obsessed with these things. This time I went for a noodle bowl, with red Thai curry aubergine. And it was amazing. The thing that takes this recipe over the edge, from ‘mmm yummy Thai curry’ to ‘mmmm yummy yummy Thai curry noodle bowl’ is: garnish. So much garnish! All sorts of delicious bits scattered… 

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Easy chocolate Easter cake-9

Easy chocolate Easter cake

THIS CAKE. Let me tell you about this easy chocolate Easter cake. – this cake is not as beautiful as the cakes you probably see on numerous baking blogs on a daily basis – this cake took me three failed attempts to get right – I am so proud of this cake You may know that I am… 

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41 vegetarian chickpea recipes

31 vegetarian chickpea recipes

I looove chickpeas. I tend to use the tinned version, which means they’re really handy for throwing into dishes to add a bit of protein – the fact that they don’t have a huge amount of flavour on their own means they’ll go with just about anything. Make them Indian, make them Italian, throw them… 

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15 minute creamy pasta primavera-2

15 minute creamy pasta primavera

  I love my super quick dinners, and it looks like you guys do too – my 15 minute mushroom stroganoff is still one of my most-viewed recipes ever, despite the somewhat questionable photos. I also love one-pot dinners (insert usual trope about only needing to wash up one pan). So, this time I thought… 

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Circulon giveaway

Circulon giveaway! 5 piece pan set worth £175

Some of you might not know this, but alongside running this blog, I also do recipe development for different brands’ websites. One of my favourite projects from last year was some recipes for Circulon, who produce incredible quality kitchenware. I’m talking non-stick like woooah – plus their pans have ridges, which means that only the ‘high’ parts… 

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Cheesy avocado souffle-9

Cheesy avocado soufflé

If there’s one thing you know about me, it might be that I love cheese. People often tell me that they love my recipes because they involve so much cheese… what? Really? Apparently a normal amount of cheese to me is a lot to other people. Whoops. Anyway, when the Gouda Cheese Shop asked if I’d… 

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Vegetable pics-5

Vegetarianism for beginners: 11 tips for new vegetarians

Helloooo, vegetarians! I know you’re not all vegetarians, by the way – plenty of you eat meat (27% in fact, according to last year’s reader survey), but just enjoy the occasional vegetarian recipe for whatever reason. If you are one of the aforementioned meat eaters, and you have no interest in ever going veggie, you… 

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