Beer pizza crust

Beer pizza crust 2.jpg

Homemade pizza dough is something I’ve always struggled with. You’d think it would be pretty hard to make a bad pizza, but somehow I’ve achieved it on many (…many…) occasions. The main issue is that I find baking with yeast seeeeriously stressful – hence the lack of recipes containing yeast on this blog! I don’t know what… 

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Summer fruit tarts honeyed ricotta 6.jpg

Summer fruit tarts with honeyed ricotta

If you’ve been following me on Instagram (I’m new! Give me friends!), you might have seen that I’ve posted a few pictures of gorgeous summer fruit over the past couple of weeks. I’ve stayed with my parents a few times this month while we’re getting our new house sorted, and they always have a house… 

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Vegetarian paella chickpeas 3.jpg

Vegetarian paella with chickpeas

I don’t make paella very often, but I have no idea why – it’s so simple. Throw a load of vegetables in a pan, add some rice and stock, and you’re already 90% of the way there. It’s very hard to get wrong. Paella traditionally includes various meats and seafoods, but for obvious reasons, I… 

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Weeknight tikka masala 2.jpg

Weeknight tikka masala

The Commonwealth Games are starting in Glasgow next week! I’m not really into sport on a day-to-day basis, but when something big comes along like the Commonwealth Games (or the Olympics, or even the World Cup), I do get a bit drawn in. When else can you watch people jumping into water very beautifully, or… 

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Basil cucumber gazpacho 5.jpg

Basil cucumber gazpacho

Who fancies eating summer? If so: go for basil cucumber gazpacho. Summer personified (umm… persoupified?). I’ve been trying to post summery recipes for a while now, but it’s a bit tricky to work in the abstract. Summer recipes aren’t exactly what pops into my head when it’s grey and rainy outside (it’s July, England! Get… 

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Pizza roasted chickpeas 4.jpg

Pizza roasted chickpeas

Y’all know… can I get away with saying ‘y’all’? I’m thinking not, though it’s definitely at least 80% of the reason I’d quite like to be an American. I’m obviously still watching far too much Nashville. Anyway, y’all know how much I dig pizza (I definitely can’t pull off ‘dig’, but we’ll go with it)… 

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Creamy portobello kale quinoa bake 2.jpg

Creamy portobello and kale quinoa bake (giveaway!)

Remember that beautiful cookbook I featured a few months ago, Delicious Probiotic Drinks by Julia Mueller of The Roasted Root? Well, the lovely Julia has only gone and done it again, with her new book, Let Them Eat Kale! Which is pretty much the best cookbook title ever, by the way. I’m already envisioning a… 

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