Vegetarian enchiladas for one

Vegetarian enchiladas for one 4

As you may recall from certain events that went down in April, I’m not single. But, the nature of my husband’s work means that he’s often out in the evenings (he’s a musician, a.k.a. rockstar). On those nights, I guess I’m an honorary singleton. I have no desire to be single, but I would quite… 

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Roasted vegetable chickpea pate 1

Roasted vegetable chickpea pâté

Who else is madly in love with roasted veg? I’ve said it before and I’ll almost certainly say it again – roasting is the less supernatural (and slightly more time-consuming) version of waving a magic wand over vegetables. It can literally transform something from a hard, bland lump to a sweet, sticky, crispy nugget of… 

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Mexican torta 6

Mexican torta with refried beans and guacamole

A Mexican torta is basically just a glorified sandwich – at least, my version is anyway. I’m sure I’ll get lots of messages from Mexican readers educating me about how a Mexican torta is so much more than a sandwich (which I welcome, by the way!) – but, this version is basically just a sandwich. Now,… 

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Healthy spinach dip 7

Healthy spinach dip

It’s dip time! Healthy spinach dip, at that! Usually when I think of a dip recipe, I think of something gooey and cheesy, with very little nutritional value. And although I love (!) gooey, cheesy things, there’s no reason at all why healthy dips can’t be just as delicious! This healthy spinach dip is crammed… 

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Cheesy pesto white bean mash 5

Cheesy pesto white bean mash

I am a potato fiend. Whatever form they’re in (mashed, roasted, boiled, baked, fried…), they’re undoubtedly my favourite part of a meal. I’ll quite happily eat them cold too, so don’t you go thinking those leftover roasties are safe… Buuut, although potatoes are far from nutritionless (they contain plenty of vitamin C, potassium and vitamin B6,… 

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Cheesy Mexican potatoes 8

Cheesy Mexican potatoes

I have a new toy in my kitchen! It’s a multicooker – the Redmond RMC-M4500, to be precise. If you’ve not used a multicooker before, you might not know what one is, so let me tell you: utter magic. That’s what it is. This thing stews, fries, steams, cooks rice, makes soup… you can even… 

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Classic Welsh rarebit 2

Classic Welsh rarebit

I’ve talked about cheese on toast before when I made my cheesy tomato and avocado toasts, and Welsh rarebit is another variation – except this time, instead of plain old cheese, it has a gooey cheese sauce with (in this case) beer and mustard and butter and all sorts of yummy bits. Did you hear that? Beer in your… 

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