Easy Sri Lankan curry with toasted cashews

Easy Sri Lankan curry, topped with toasted cashews and fresh coriander. This is so easy to make but it has HEAPS of flavour!

You may have noticed that I’m not Sri Lankan. In fact, I’ve never even been to Sri Lanka. So you would be well within your rights to call me out on the fact that this Sri Lankan curry is probably not actually Sri Lankan at all.

Buuut, the flavours in this curry were inspired by a dish I was served at a restaurant ages ago, and if they’re allowed to call it a Sri Lankan curry, then I’m doing it too. Really, all you need to know is: it’s insanely delicious, and also surprisingly easy to make!

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This Month’s Recipes: June 2015

TMR June 2015 collage

If you follow me on Facebook you might have spotted that I'm actually on holiday in the south of France this week, meaning I wrote this post a few days in advance (hello from the past!). So technically, the info in this post is a few days out of date, and the most recent couple of recipes haven't really got a look in, but if I don't care then you definitely shouldn't. And … Read more

White bean mash with griddled vegetables and homemade pesto

White bean mash with griddled veg-3

Do any of you remember the cheesy pesto white bean mash I made last year? I've pretty much been dreaming about it ever since - it's smooth and creamy, and just as comforting as any mashed potato you could hope for, but has the added bonus of being super high in protein. And it really is only an added bonus - I don't only make white bean mash because I fancy some protein, I make … Read more

Beery Welsh rarebit lasagne

Beery Welsh rarebit lasagne-4

Well here's a cuisine fusion I never thought I'd do: Italian and Welsh! Sounds weird, but it turns out it's a pretty great combination. I've told you all about Welsh rarebit before, but in case you missed it, here's the super quick overview (spoiler: there's no rabbits involved). It's basically a cheesy sauce, often made with beer and / or mustard, that's usually served … Read more

Moroccan freekeh with harissa aubergine

Moroccan freekeh with harissa aubergine-4

This Moroccan freekeh with harissa aubergine was dee-lish. And as you can tell from the name, I thought I'd use a couple of new-to-me ingredients in this recipe, in the spirit of trying new things: harissa (a spicy chilli paste), and freekeh (a grain). Don't be afraid of freekeh if you've not heard of it before! FYI, I believe it's actually pronounced 'freak-ah', not … Read more

Pizza quesadillas

Pizza quesadillas-2

I can never decide whether Italian or Mexican is my favourite cuisine - so this time I thought I'd combine the two and make pizza quesadillas! Simple cheesy vegetable quesadillas, topped with tomato sauce, mozzarella cheese, and even more of my favourite pizza toppings. You get the satisfaction of pulling away that perfect cheesy slice, and the extra pleasure of two layers of … Read more