Egg fu yung

Egg fu yung 5

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I often get veggie chow mein when we get a Chinese take away. Well, I also often get egg fu yung. That’s about it though – I’m not very imaginative. It’s usually one of those two options. Or, occasionally tofu in black bean sauce. But that’s… 

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Greek stuffed tomatoes with quinoa and black lentils

Since I’m off sunning myself and drinking cocktails in the pool, I’ve roped in a few of my favourite bloggy friends to help me out with some guest posts to keep you guys entertained. The first comes from Tara from Noshing With The Nolands, whose blog is one of my favourites. Look at those gorgeous… 

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Spaghetti alla puttanesca 2

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

I’ll be honest: in the past I’ve not been a huge fan of tomatoey pasta. I never thought there was anything wrong with it exactly, it just always seemed a bit unexciting. Why have tomato sauce when you could have a zingy pesto or creamy cheese sauce instead? Well, I guess I’m a convert now…. 

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Chocolate Easter nests 3

Chocolate Easter nests

After my hot cross bun bread and butter pudding the other day, I felt like making some more Easter treats. I decided to go with a classic: chocolate Easter nests. For some reason Easter is always associated with cute things like fluffy bunnies and baby chicks, so I guess that’s where the ‘nest’ thing becomes relevant…. 

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Mushroom bourguignon 1

Mushroom bourguignon

I know that April is totally the wrong time of year to be posting a recipe for mushroom bourguignon, but there’s a reason for this ridiculousness. I haven’t talked about it here in a while, but I’m sure you’ve all guessed since I talk about my fiancé all the time (more often than he would… 

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Tortellini Caesar salad 2

Tortellini Caesar salad

Now that the weather is beginning to warm up (um, sort of), I have salad on the brain – something light and refreshing that actually makes me want to leave the house rather than just cuddling up under a blanket for weeks on end. When I made my Greek chickpea salad, I said that a… 

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Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding 2

Hot cross bun bread and butter pudding

I’m not remotely religious, but I still love the lead-up to Easter because all the best foods come into the shops at this time of year. Obviously there are Easter eggs and Creme Eggs (which I tend to buy a bucketload of to last me through the summer – it’s a total travesty that they’re… 

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