50 Delicious Vegetarian Asparagus Recipes


I’m so excited for today’s guest post! Firstly because by now I’ll have fully settled into the Mexican way of living, and I’ll be a lovely golden brown (since it’s my honeymoon I’m hoping the tan gods will be nice to me and refrain from turning me my usual lobster red), and secondly because it… 

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Pesto and ricotta tortilla pizza 1

Pesto and ricotta tortilla pizza

It turns out that my new favourite thing to photograph is also my (not so new) favourite thing to eat – pizza! So I apologise for the obscene amount of photos in this post. I got a bit carried away – it’s just impossible to make pizza look ugly. As long as you’ve got a… 

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Roasted cauliflower and chickpea quinoa salad with jalapeño-lime dressing

It’s time for guest post number 2! This time we have Julia from The Roasted Root, who’s one of my favourite bloggy friends. This girl is completely lovely, and super talented too – gorgeous photos, gorgeous recipes, and she’s pretty much hilarious. This salad looks incredible (my favourite type of salad – no lettuce), and… 

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Egg fu yung 5

Egg fu yung

I told you a couple of weeks ago that I often get veggie chow mein when we get a Chinese take away. Well, I also often get egg fu yung. That’s about it though – I’m not very imaginative. It’s usually one of those two options. Or, occasionally tofu in black bean sauce. But that’s… 

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Greek stuffed tomatoes with quinoa and black lentils

Since I’m off sunning myself and drinking cocktails in the pool, I’ve roped in a few of my favourite bloggy friends to help me out with some guest posts to keep you guys entertained. The first comes from Tara from Noshing With The Nolands, whose blog is one of my favourites. Look at those gorgeous… 

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Spaghetti alla puttanesca 2

Spaghetti alla puttanesca

I’ll be honest: in the past I’ve not been a huge fan of tomatoey pasta. I never thought there was anything wrong with it exactly, it just always seemed a bit unexciting. Why have tomato sauce when you could have a zingy pesto or creamy cheese sauce instead? Well, I guess I’m a convert now…. 

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Chocolate Easter nests 3

Chocolate Easter nests

After my hot cross bun bread and butter pudding the other day, I felt like making some more Easter treats. I decided to go with a classic: chocolate Easter nests. For some reason Easter is always associated with cute things like fluffy bunnies and baby chicks, so I guess that’s where the ‘nest’ thing becomes relevant…. 

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