Blackberry and goat’s cheese tart

Blackberry goats cheese tart 8

Blackberries summon up great memories for me. There’s nothing better than coming back from a walk in the woods with a basketful of blackberries, and fingertips stained bright purple (and your mouth too, if you’re lucky). Blackberries are in season at the moment, and since Rix are currently running a competition all about blackberries, I… 

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TMR August 2014

This Month’s Recipes: August 2014

In August the Amuse Your Bouche Facebook page reached 10,000 followers! Thanks so much to everyone who follows me already, and to those of you who don’t: do it now! I also spent a week in Spain this month! Though I had plenty of recipes lined up for while I was away, so hopefully nobody noticed… 

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Peanut butter coconut tofu noodles 4

Peanut butter coconut tofu with noodles

I’m a total cheat – this recipe is just a variation on my peanut butter chickpea curry. Pretty much the only differences between that one and this peanut butter coconut tofu are that this version has crispy fried tofu in place of the chickpeas, and I served it with noodles instead of rice. But, you… 

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Pearl barley roasted beetroot salad 1

Pearl barley and roasted beetroot salad with maple balsamic dressing

This recipe is a bit different from my usual offerings – not a chickpea or a lump of cheese in sight! Instead, I decided to embrace the looming autumn with earthy roasted beetroot, carrots and leeks. It just goes to show that I should try new things more often, because this pearl barley and roasted… 

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Vegetable moussaka casserole 4.jpg

Vegetable moussaka casserole

Since I went all Greek on you last time with my prasorizo, I thought I’d continue the theme with this simple vegetarian moussaka casserole. Moussaka is one of my favourite foods ever. When we lived in Liverpool we used to go out for Greek food fairly often (if you live near Liverpool, go to Christaki’s! Best… 

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Prasorizo greek rice leeks 4.jpg

Prasorizo (Greek rice with leeks)

It’s taken me so long to learn the name of this Greek side dish. I made it weeks ago and ever since, I’ve had to look up the name of it every time I think about it. It bugs me so much when I can’t remember something. Buuut the name has finally stuck – prasorizo!… 

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Caribbean-style sweet potato stew 8

Caribbean-style sweet potato stew

It’s Caribbean Food Week this week! From 18th – 25th August, Grace Foods are celebrating all things Caribbean, ending with the Notting Hill Carnival in London – which I have allllways wanted to go to. Where else can you dance down the street dressed in nothing but a glittery bikini and a few feathers without… 

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