Healthy apple crumble smoothie

Healthy apple crumble smoothie - this healthy breakfast smoothie tastes just like my favourite apple crumble (but there's no added sugar!)

After indulging a little (a lot) last time with my beer battered halloumi, I thought it was about time I posted something super healthy.

Yes, I am calling this ‘super healthy’ even though it has the words ‘apple crumble’ in the title. This smoothie contains fruit, spices, a spoonful of oats, and a dash of milk. Now tell me that’s not a good, healthy breakfast?!

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This Month’s Recipes: August 2015

TMR August 2015 collage

Well, summer is well and truly over! I woke up this morning to torrential rain. A great start to September - thanks for that, weather gods. No more lazing around in the sunshine all day long, sipping on cocktails with my husband. Nope, September means back to work, rainy days, and dark evenings. Oh well. To be honest, I actually enjoy this time of year - a chance to refocus … Read more

Beer battered halloumi with homemade pickled onions and tartar sauce

Beer battered halloumi with homemade pickled onions-5

If you were hoping for a light, healthy recipe today, move along (in fact, come back next time). If, on the other hand, you wanted a meal that's almost entirely homemade, you've come to the right place! Beer battered halloumi with homemade pickled onions and homemade tartar sauce. I'm not sure which part I'm more impressed with, but I know I'm super impressed with myself. … Read more

Smoked cheddar, walnut and broccoli tarts

Smoked cheddar, walnut and broccoli tarts-3

Would you call yourself a foodie? I know some people hate that word, and it's true that it sometimes has negative connotations - used to describe the sort of person who turns their nose up at anything short of champagne and truffles - but personally, I think it just means someone who loves food. And using that definition, I am definitely a foodie. But one thing I've never … Read more

Brûléed ginger and rhubarb cheesecake

Bruleed ginger and rhubarb cheesecake-7

Brûléed. All those accents are making me dizzy, but isn't that just one of the prettiest words ever?! Especially if you say it in a proper French accent, and even more especially when you think about what it actually means: crispy, almost-burned sugar, like you'd find on the top of a crème brûlée, that makes a pleasant crack as you tap it with a spoon. It's one of the most … Read more

Homemade cheese and onion crisp bakes

Homemade cheese and onion crisp bakes-4

If you've never had the cheese and onion crisp bakes from Marks and Spencer, you are missing a trick. They've not paid me to write this, in fact they most likely have no clue who I am, but I must say, Mr Marks and Mr Spencer: good job on the crisp bakes (side note: they are both very definitely long dead, but my appreciation still stands). If you live in a country that … Read more