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Blog coaching from Amuse Your Bouche - gain traffic and earn more money from your blog!

Are you a new blogger who still can’t tell your SEO from your CSS? Have you been blogging for a while but still only have a few hundred readers a day? I can help!

The nitty gritty:

I provide one-on-one blog coaching via email – I will take a look at your blog and social media channels, and provide a detailed, highly personalised report detailing how to reach your blogging goals. I can tailor this report however you would like – I can help with:

– increasing traffic
– earning money from blogging
– social media
– finding freelance projects
– blog design
– widgets and plugins
– or a little of everything!

As well as your initial report, you will be able to correspond with me via email for one week, asking as many questions as you would like. Over the week, I will talk you through how to implement any changes that I have suggested, and help you to build your blog into something to be proud of – or even something to pay your rent!

My blog traffic has grown significantly over the past couple of years, and I can help you do the same!

For this service, I charge a flat rate of £130 / $200. I put a lot of hours in with each client, and I guarantee that building your blog will allow you to earn your money back plus more!

If you’re interested, drop me an email and we can talk:


If you’d like to improve your blogging but don’t have any money to spend, remember you can always check out my weekly blogging tips instead!


“After about a year and a half of blogging, I’d hit a bit of a plateau and was looking to increase my traffic. When I saw that Becca was offering coaching I knew I had to hire her – particularly after seeing how rapidly she was able to grow her own blog. I’m so glad I did. She was able to give me advice from a place of experience – instead of spending hours online researching how to grow my blog using methods that may or may not work, I got personalized advice specific to my blog. Her tips were great, her report extremely helpful, and her answers to my questions prompt and thorough. I would definitely recommend Becca to anyone looking to take their blog to the next level!”
– Alissa from Connoisseurus Veg

“After three years of blogging with just a trickle of traffic, I decided it was time to bring in an expert and I couldn’t be happier! Becca wrote a comprehensive blog report covering everything from the look of my blog to utilising social networking sites, which was a great place to start. Over the course of our week, she was consistently available to answer my many questions and gave great advice about improving the quality of my posts. I’ve already seen a significant boost in traffic and consider her small fee to be money very well spent.”
– Rachael from Pizzarossa

“Sometimes you can second guess your decision and wonder if you did the right thing,  but this is one of the best decisions I’ve made. Becca gave me a good analysis of my blog plus what I could do to improve. Just one of her suggestions helped me get more pins in one hour than I’ve had the whole time I’ve had my blog. I would highly recommend asking her advice and implementing it!”
– Marisa from All Our Way

“I had been blogging for more than two years when I found Becca through a G+ community.  After reading about Amuse Your Bouche, I reached out to Becca.  Her willingness to respond to my questions, from a virtual stranger, told me that I found the right person to hire for a week of unlimited Q & A’s.  The weeklong blog coaching was incredibly helpful and I highly recommend, with pleasure, working with Becca.  Her knowledge is vast and her suggestions have helped Desserts Required move in the right direction.”
– Betsy from Desserts Required

“I am new to blogging and Becca was exactly what I needed! She gives so much more than what you expect. I was surprised by her attention to detail and her personal service. She really does take your blog and its future personally. I plan to take her advice and then use her services again in the future to make sure I’m on the right track. She’s amazing. Thank you so much!”
– Sethlina from True Grace

“I really enjoyed working with Becca. She was extremely responsive and turned around my blog report in a day! The report provided easy tips that I was able to easily implement without having any advanced computer/blogger knowledge and gave me some new things to think about to improve my blog. She was a great resource!”
– Jackie from Jackie Fogartie Events

“As a novice to blogging, I wanted to establish a blog but quite frankly had not much idea as to how to go about it.  I had started one before, but felt that it lacked impact and I wanted to create something more punchy, appealing and relevant to other foodie bloggers.  I started looking at other blogs, and being a vegetarian running a mainly vegetarian restaurant and tea room (in France of all places) I was and still am on the look out for new and exciting recipes… then I discovered Becca’s brilliant blog, Amuse Your Bouche.  I  just loved her style and was inspired by many of her ideas.  I also noticed that she gave some good tips on how to create a blog, choose a host etc and for a small fee offered a one on one service.  The latter has proved invaluable.  I am now up and running with Letters and Lunches from the Loire via WordPress and every penny that I have spent with Becca has been well invested.  I recommend what Becca offers to all of you thinking of setting up a blog who feel somewhat mystified by the process and who need a friendly step by step introduction and guide to the world of blogging”
– Teresa from Letters and Lunches from the Loire

“Becca’s insights into SEOs and social media savvy are priceless!”
– Kim from The Ninja Baker