Blog Tips Tuesday 6: How to set up a Facebook page for your blog

Blog Tips How to set up a Facebook page for your blog

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Once you’ve built your blog, you’ll need to start promoting it, and Facebook is a great way to do that. This Blog Tips Tuesday post shows you step-by-step how to go about setting up your very own Facebook page.

(note: a Facebook page is different from your own personal Facebook profile. A page is the one that you click to like, rather than adding as a friend. It’s important to have a page for your blog rather than just a profile!)

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This is a beginner blogging tip, for those people who are just beginning to set up their blogs.


How to set up a Facebook page for your blog

Why does my blog need a Facebook page?

I’m sure you keep hearing how important it is to have a Facebook page for your blog, but why is it so important? Here are a few reasons:

– it allows you to share your posts and bring in traffic that might not otherwise have checked your blog that day.
– it allows other people to share your posts, thus reaching a new audience and potentially bringing in new readers.
– you already know that the people who have liked your page are interested in what you have to say – so you’re sharing your posts to a really targeted demographic.
– you can connect with your readers in a more interactive way than you can on your blog.
– you can solidify your relationships to turn casual readers into loyal readers!
– you can let your personality shine through slightly more easily than you can on your blog.
– your readers can begin to feel like they really know you as a person.

Is that enough reasons for you? If you haven’t got the message yet: make a Facebook page for your blog!

How to set up your Facebook page

If you haven’t yet got your own personal Facebook profile, you’ll need to get one of those first. I won’t show you how to do that, since I’m guessing most people will already have one.

Once you have a profile, log in, and look for your ‘settings’ button – it looks like a cog (you can see it in the picture below). Mine appears in the top right-hand corner of my homepage, but for some reason Facebook seems to have a few different versions floating around at the moment (my fiancé’s page looks different to mine), and they bring out a new version all the time (or at least it seems like it), so you’ll just need to use your eyes.

Click on your settings button, and click ‘create a page’.

Create a Facebook page

You’ll then be asked to choose a category for your page. These are split into six main categories, each with lots of sub-categories:

Facebook page categories

Personally I think it can be tricky to decide which category to go for, but I’d say a pretty good one to choose is ‘website’ under the ‘brand or product’ option – it’s a bit of a catch-all. Of course, if you find an option that you prefer, go for it.

Facebook page brand category

Once you’ve chosen your category, choose a name for your page (I strongly recommend that it’s the same as your blog name!) and click ‘get started’.

First you need to enter some general information about your page.

Facebook page about information

The ‘description’ section is what will show up under your profile picture when people view your page – so keep it short and sweet, otherwise it won’t all fit in. If you really want to write your life story here, you can, but I honestly don’t think many people will click through to read the full paragraph, so it’s up to you. You can always change this later if you change your mind.

You can fill in your blog URL in the ‘website’ section, but I recommend including it in your description as well, so that brand new visitors to your page can click across to check out your blog with just one click. You want to make it as easy as possible for people to visit your blog – people are lazy! For example, here’s the description on my own Facebook page:

Amuse Your Bouche Facebook page description

Okay, so perhaps it’s not the best writing I’ve ever done, but it’s to the point, it explains exactly what my blog is about, and it provides a way for people to access my blog with just one click. Job done!

Once you’ve added your blog information, click through and upload a profile picture.

Facebook page profile picture

I use my own face as my profile picture (as opposed to a generic food picture, for example), for a few reasons:

- it’s the same as the picture I have of myself on my blog, so it contributes to the consistency of my brand.
– people get to know my face and then recognise it quickly when I post something new.
– it allows people to picture who they’re talking to, so they’re more likely to want to engage.
– I like my own face (just kidding).

Once you’ve uploaded your picture, Facebook will ask you to add a payment method to help your posts reach more people – you do not need to do this! Since Facebook is a free service, they make (some of) their money by encouraging people like you and me to pay to get more people to see their posts. However, you certainly don’t need to pay to promote your posts – I have never paid Facebook for anything, and I doubt I ever will. It’s true, not everyone who likes your page will see everything you post, which is frustrating, but I’d still rather not have to pay! That’s why you might see a lot of bloggers these days encouraging you to like and share their Facebook posts – otherwise not many people will see them. But anyway, that’s a totally different matter for another time! The point is, you can just click ‘skip’ when it asks you for a payment method.

Your Facebook page is now complete! You’ll see something like this at the top of your page (faces blurred and names removed for the privacy of my friends!):

Facebook page admin panel

This is your admin panel – nobody else will see this apart from you (or anyone else who you give page rights to). Once you start posting and getting likes, it will fill up with all sorts of interesting information – how many people have seen and engaged with each of your posts, who’s liked your page recently, messages you’ve received, etc.

Take a look at your page, and once you’re happy with it, start inviting friends and publicising it on your blog or other social media (you might want to have a few posts already up before you do this, otherwise people won’t have a reason to like your page!). At first it can be a little embarrassing – why would you want to publicise a page that only has 7 likes? – but you won’t get your numbers to grow unless you do it, so just push through and you’ll see better numbers in no time!

A few tips about how to run your blog’s Facebook page

– don’t post too often! Facebook isn’t like Twitter or Pinterest, where you can add new content twenty times a day without anyone minding. If you post too often, people will get sick of seeing your face popping up, and they’ll unlike you.

– please don’t link your Facebook page to your Twitter or Pinterest accounts, so that every time you post to Twitter, it’ll auto-post to Facebook as well. As I said, nobody wants to see twenty Facebook posts a day, especially when they were clearly formatted for Twitter (really short and concise, hashtags, etc). Each form of social media is completely different and needs to be treated completely differently, so you shouldn’t be posting the exact same thing everywhere.

– engage with your readers! After all, that was one of the reasons you made a Facebook page in the first place. Reply to comments (or at least ‘like’ them), and ask questions to get discussions going.

– use your page to comment on other people’s pages. If I get a comment that comes from ‘Jane Doe’, I’ll probably think that she sounds nice, and stop there. But if I get a comment from ‘Jane Doe’s Blog’, chances are I’m going to click over to check out her blog, and perhaps like her page. Commenting on other people’s posts as your blog not only helps out the person you’re commenting to, it helps you out as well!

And there you have it – a Facebook page is really simple to set up, but can do wonders for your blog. Feel free to share your Facebook pages in the comments and I’ll check you out! Make sure you’ve liked my page too before you leave!

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    • says

      Thanks Christy! :) I’ve never paid Facebook to promote a post. It can definitely give the post more reach, but since the amount of traffic I get from Facebook is small compared to certain other sources, I don’t think it’s worth it for me. If you pay a few pounds/dollars per post, that will add up very quickly, and I’d rather invest my money in my blog itself rather than its Facebook page. The only time I might consider promoting a post on FB would be if it was something special like a giveaway that I wanted lots of people to see. It’s totally up to you though! :)
      Becca @ Amuse Your Bouche recently posted…Apple and goat’s cheese dauphinoise potatoesMy Profile

  1. says

    Thanks for sharing all of this information. I just started my blog and I am really loving it! but have no idea how to promote it very well. I figured facebook was a great avenue, but I haven’t been on facebook in a long time so I’m a bit clueless. :)

    Can you comment more on how to engage with people who might like your blog? Is it “gauche” to say something like, ” I just wrote a post about that on my blog!” or should one just stick to general comments and make sure you’re clear about who you are?

    Ashley @ Snow Cream and Syrup recently posted…Most Affordable December and Holiday Skiing in New EnglandMy Profile

  2. says

    This was very helpful! I just liked your Facebook page. I have a question and I hope you can help me. For some reason I can’t seem to be able to like anyone’s post. I don’t have the option. I emailed Facebook so many times and googled it, nada! Any suggestions? Thank you in advanced!

  3. says

    Becca, I am taking notes as fast as I can read these. Really so much help. I have a FB page under the same name as my website The Hypertufa Gardener, and I really struggle as some of the people commented about how much I can comment without seeming to “hijack” a post. But if I feel like it is an answer, I try it. Thanks again. Oh and another suggestion for us newbies..Why does CommentLuv not “find” my site or whatever it says when it won’t work? How can I fix that?
    Here it is: This XML document is invalid, likely due to invalid characters. XML error: Reserved XML Name at line 1, column 39

  4. says

    I should say: I have just added CommentLuv to my site, because I see it often and when I post somewhere, I appreciate the exposure. Just can’t figure out why it doesn’t work for me. Thanks again.

  5. says

    Hi Becca – As you know, I have a Facebook page and I think these are all really helpful things to know. I totally agree with you that posting the same thing to Facebook and Twitter is annoying. I always end up unfollowing those people b/c it feels so spammy!!!
    Priya recently posted…Cinnamon Vanilla FrappuccinoMy Profile

  6. says

    Hi I have just discovered your site and tips and really love your style. I have only just started blogging have been merrily publishing my blog to all sites that I can because some of my friends don’t ‘do Facebook’ and some don’t ‘do Twitter’ etc. It wasn’t until I read your tips and a comment above that I realised it might be considered spam for those who use more than one social media. Now that I have set up a Facebook page (following your tips :-)) I’m undecided about whether I should just post on my Facebook page and stop publishing to Twitter, Google+ and LinkedIn. I haven’t read all your tips yet but will certainly do so over the next week or so. Thank you.

  7. says

    Becca, I just wanted to say that I really like the tip of using the same photo everywhere. I just changed my photo today on ALL of my social networks after reading your tip (took just a few minutes and well worth it!). I think you’re right about recognition – I always recognize a blogger’s face on other networks and immediately associate the picture with the blog. So, THANK YOU!
    Priya recently posted…Hardwood Floors!My Profile

  8. says

    Thanks for these fab tips – have liked your page on facebook too as I am always on the look out for vegetarian recipes! When and if I am ready to make a FB page for my blog I will know exactly what to do! :D
    Phoenix recently posted…Sundays Oracle…My Profile

  9. Cyndie M says

    I found your posts on Pinterest while hunting for tips and how-to’s for blogging.
    I’ve been thinking of starting a blog for sometime now and decided to start the ball rolling. Right now I’m doing as much research as I can trying to educate myself to make it as smooth as I can.
    Your how-to posts are already a great source of information.
    Can’t wait until I’m up and running (once I map out my plan).

    Thanks for posting your tips :)

  10. says

    Wow. Totally got stuck on your site reading all the good stuff! Should be doing dishes! So I am having a hard time figuring out how to make it so people can only like my website facebook page rather than follow it. I would like to make it how your site says “Like to follow”. Can you shed any light on this for me?

  11. says

    Hi Becca, Really great tips, thanks for much for pulling this altogether. Quick question for you. How to you manage Instagram and posting from Instagram to your Facebook page, and not to your personal news feed? I’m struggling trying to figure this one out so would appreciate any tips! Thanks in advance.
    Rebecca recently posted…Loving LatelyMy Profile

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