Blog Tips Tuesday 4: How to start a blog in 5 minutes

Blog tips: How to start a blog in 5 minutes

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Today we’re taking a step back, way way back to the very beginning, and taking a look at how to start a blog – in just 5 minutes! The people who read Amuse Your Bouche are a combination of bloggers and non-bloggers, so perhaps today I’ll manage to convert a few more of you to the blog life! A lot of people start off on a free blogging service like Blogger, but if you have any intentions of getting more than a few thousand readers a month, or making any sort of money from your blog, you’ll need to go self-hosted eventually. Therefore I think it’s worth doing as soon as you can – I started out on Blogger, but it would have saved an awful lot of hassle if I’d started out self-hosted in the first place. And as you’ll see, it doesn’t need to be expensive – for just a few dollars a month, you can have your very own self-hosted blog with your own domain name (don’t worry, I’ll explain what that all means in a minute!).

StarThis is a ‘beginner’ blog tip – aimed at those people who are just starting to set up their blog.


How to start a blog in 5 minutes

Before you can start writing your blog, you need to get some hosting – a good analogy is that before you can build a house, you need some land to build it on. You need a hosting company to actually provide you with a bit of Internet to build your blog on. Bluehost is the company I use for my hosting, and they’re amazing. There are other hosting companies available, but I highly recommend going with Bluehost – they’re great value for money, and their customer service is great – even though I’m in the UK and they’re an American company. Every time I’ve accidentally clicked something that totally killed my blog, they’ve had everything up and running again within just a couple of hours or less. Sometimes I ask them about things that I honestly think they won’t be able to help with, and they can – every time. So let’s start from the very beginning, and take a look at how to start your very own blog with Bluehost.

Step 1: Choose your domain name

A domain name is basically a URL – the address you type in your navigation bar to go to a website. So my domain name is Your first step is to decide what you’d like your domain name to be. This should be the same as the name of your blog for SEO purposes (you’ll learn more about SEO as you begin blogging – for now, just trust me that it’s a good idea!).

To get started, head over to Bluehost and click ‘get started now’.

1 Choose which package you want to go for – either $3.95 a month, $6.95, or $14.95.

2Assuming you don’t already own a domain (i.e. the website address), then just type your chosen domain name into the box under where it says ‘new domain’. I highly recommend going for the ‘.com’ ending. If you already own your domain, you can go for the ‘transfer domain’ option. 3 As you can see, if you’re unlucky, your chosen domain name might not be available – but just keep going until you find a name that’s available. I’d recommend trying new names with the .com ending rather than going with a different ending – it looks so much more professional than .biz.

domain unavailable

Once you’ve managed to get your hands on a domain name that suits you, you can go on to step 2.

Step 2: Register your Bluehost account

Enter your account information. As you can see, you’re able to add an international address and phone number, so Bluehost is great even if you’re not American.

4 You’ll also need to decide what extras you’d like – as you can see, the domain ‘whois’ privacy comes highly recommended (it basically stops your personal details being available online), and it’s only $9.99 for the whole year, so I’d definitely go for that option. The others are up to you (click ‘more information’ to find out what the options mean).


Fill in your payment information, and you’re nearly done!


Step 3: install WordPress

Once you’ve entered your payment information, you’ll be taken to your Bluehost control panel (cPanel). It should look something like this:


Scroll down to ‘website builders’, and click ‘WordPress’ (see arrow above).

wordpress Install the software, and fill in your details. You can leave the ‘directory’ section blank. Agree to the terms and conditions, and click ‘install now’.

Step 4: Install a theme

Once the installation is complete, your blog will be live! You can view it by typing the URL you just chose into the address bar. It will look pretty boring to begin with – just the standard WordPress template. To get into your blog’s ‘back-end’ (i.e. the behind-the-scenes area), add /wp-admin to the end of your URL – for example, – and log in using the username and password you chose earlier. Your WordPress dashboard will look something like this:

wordpress dashboard From here, you can begin designing your blog by adding a ‘theme’. This is essentially a basic design that you can customise – different themes might allow you to customise different aspects of your blog to different extents (header, background, sidebar etc.). There are a lot of free WordPress themes available, which are a great place to start. If you do decide to pay for a theme, in order to get a lot more customisability (is that a word?), I use the Genesis framework – but for now you might decide to stick to a free theme. To browse the available themes, hover over ‘appearance’ in your left-hand sidebar, and click ‘themes’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.58.16 Click ‘add new’, and then just find a theme that you like the look of – you can browse them by ‘popular’, ‘latest’ or ‘featured’.

Screen Shot 2015-01-18 at 10.59.03 When you’ve found a theme you like the look of, click ‘install now’ and then ‘activate’. You can now begin customising your blog design and writing your first blog posts – but I’ll save all that for another time!

I hope I’ve shown you how easy it is to set up a self-hosted WordPress blog through Bluehost! It might look like a lot, but you can actually get through all 4 of these steps in about 5 minutes if you know what you want – the bit that takes the time is the thinking (thinking what domain name you would like, thinking about which theme you like best, etc.)! Now get going and don’t forget to show me what you come up with! I’d be honoured to leave you your first blog comment!

(disclosure: this post contains a couple of affiliate links. This means that if you click across to Bluehost and sign up, I receive a little money. However my opinions are all genuine and I have honestly loved being hosted by Bluehost! They’ve never told me off for clicking on things I don’t understand, which is good because I tend to do that quite a lot.)

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      • says

        How about weebly? I just bought a domain name and pro account with Weebly and am wishing I could go to wordpress :( any suggestions for weebly accounts? If I buy your blog coaching would you be able to help with weebly?

        • says

          I’m afraid I’ve not used Weebly :( You site looks great (gorgeous photography!) but I notice it’s still really new – if you really want to be on WordPress (which I highly recommend), it might even be worth starting afresh with WP and just writing a post on your Weebly blog directing people across to the new one – if you think you might want to change to WordPress eventually, it will be MUCH easier to do it now than in six months time when you have dozens of posts under your belt! I don’t know how much you spent on the pro account with Weebly but I think you should be able to keep the same domain name so that won’t be wasted.
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  1. melissa says

    Hello ,
    I have been wanting to start a Blog for a while, but I have to admit im pretty scared hehehe, I have been reading about it and the more i read the more i want to do it.
    so here i am asking lots of questions, like where i should start .
    Is Blogger better because Iam starting?
    OH” IM LOST” HEHEHE and once you set up BluHost and install WordPress who designs your blogg and all the font thing lol :)

    • says

      Hi Melissa! A lot of people start on Blogger because it’s free, so it’s easy to see whether or not you enjoy blogging without having to invest anything. However, most bloggers then move over to WordPress, and the move can be a bit of a headache (importing posts across to a new site doesn’t always go smoothly!). This is what I did and I think it would have been better if I’d just started on WordPress in the first place. You get a lot more control on WP, and there are also a lot more opportunities for monetising your blog (which I’m sure isn’t something you’ll be thinking about just yet, but it’s good to keep your options open for the future!). So it’s totally up to you, and how sure you are that you’ll stick to blogging! WP is a bit of an investment, but it’s only actually about $5 a month (plus around $15 a year for your domain), so it’s not really a big outlay :)

      I design everything myself because I’m too stingy to pay anyone else to do it for me haha, but if you’re not into design and aren’t very technically minded, you can always ask / hire someone to help! But actually most WordPress themes are pretty easy to customise with a header, background, etc.

      Hope that helps a bit!
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  2. says

    Thank you so much for this post!! I have been wanting to start a blog, and totally afraid to because I am NOT tech savvy. After doing some research,I came back to this post ( I pinned it a while back), and set up a blog EXACTLY how you described. I appreciate your step by step details!!! Thanks again!

  3. Keri says

    This is by far the best guide I have found, via Pinterest, so far. I know NOTHING about blogging but I have many friends and family urging me to do it. Thank you for this great step-by-step guide! I’m going to get mine started.

  4. tracy says

    I was convinced to get on wordpress by the time I read your how-to and I haven’t found a free theme yet. I also haven’t been able to get in the back door and see anything. kinda frustrated…

      • Tracy says

        Thanks for the feedback. I finally got in the back door and finally found the themes, including the one you mentioned. Apparently, after you purchase the domain and all the extra’s they suggest, it takes a few hours? to get it done before you can start doing anything. So, all the things you were saying to do, were not working. By the time I found a theme to use, I had to sign off. I really do appreciate that you gave information on starting a blog and that you replied to my post :) Thanks!!

  5. says

    I just wanted to stop by and say thanks for this article! it helped kick up what I had wanted to do to build a blog for animal Rescue! So thanks! and sorry for the construction.

  6. Alexandra says

    Hi Becca, I have a quick question if I may – if I were to blog about a recipe that I had taken from a book, magazine article or other blogsite, do I need to ensure that I quote the name of the original source? i.e. would I be in trouble I didn’t cite the original source of the recipe? Thanks very much

  7. vicki boyles says

    Definitely bookmarking this, thank you SO MUCH for the tutorial! You have made this easy to understand and less of a nightmare than I was anticpating having to go through to set up a domain and get the ball rolling with my blog!
    I´ll definitely click through to give you credit when I decide on a domain name…can´t wait to read your other tips!

  8. says

    I need help! I am new to blogging and signed up with word press. I am trying to figure out how to embed pins into my blog . When I go on my Pinterest page and hit “Share” button it has the FB icon, there is no drop down menu to click for my website. Can you point me in right direction I have been searching for answers for days.
    Thank you.

  9. says

    Hi Becca,
    If I already have a wordpress blog but want to become self hosted, is it easy through BlueHost, do I need a plug in or something similar? I am a bit daunted by it all.
    Thank you lovely x

    • says

      Hi Lisa, I started on Blogger not WordPress so I don’t know exactly how it’s done, but I’m sure it’s fairly straightforward! Coming from Blogger, you sign up through BlueHost and install WordPress, then there’s a plugin that helps you import your posts – I imagine it’s similar from WordPress? Best bet is to give BlueHost a call or email for advice, as their customer service is great :)

  10. Laney says

    I am coming to this post late, but I wanted to say thanks for sharing this info. I also really appreciated that you shared in one of the comments about what the monthly cost is. I wondered if there were additional monthly charges for extra plug ins and stuff like that. I have heard that it can be expensive to be self hosted and have wanted to ask someone “how much doe this really cost?” So it sounds like after the initial investment of a theme you just have the hosting as an ongoing fee??

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