Brie, honey and basil melts

Having been on the 4am shift nearly every day last week, I’ve been allowed a few days off… and I’m finding it hard to sit still. Now that I’m used to being busy, sitting around watching telly all day just doesn’t cut it. I’m having to fill my days thinking up ridiculous flavour combinations like this.

I swear I haven’t gone mad, and after a few lazy days, I’m definitely not sleep deprived. I assure you that brie, honey and basil are a great combination. And they’re even better in a gooey, melty open sandwich.

Just layer your ingredients up on a nice crusty roll, grill for a few minutes, and you’re sorted.

(by the way, does everyone know the trick to revive solidified honey? Just put the whole bottle in warm water for half an hour or so, and it’ll go runny again. I wish I’d known this years ago, before throwing away bottles of solid honey that I thought were past it)

If you don’t have a hugely sweet tooth, don’t pour on the honey too thick – I was a bit heavy handed and nearly ended up in a sugar coma (is that a thing?).

Nicely posed…

Digging in…

Brie, honey and basil melts

Serves 1

1 square ciabatta roll
2tbsp honey
1tbsp fresh basil, roughly torn
100g brie, sliced

Halve the roll and put the two pieces under the grill (broiler) for 1 minute, or until slightly browned.

Remove from the grill, and spread each half with a little honey. Top with some torn basil leaves and the sliced brie. Put back under the grill at a fairly low heat for around 4 minutes, or until the cheese has melted.


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    Oh my goodness, these look divine. Will definitely be trying this concoction during my post exam treat binge next week!

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    A couple weeks ago, I did a similar thing with Brie, honey, and bananas in crepes and it was absolutely heaven. This is awesome with good bread too and your addition of basil… Great idea!

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