Basil cucumber gazpacho

Basil cucumber gazpacho 5.jpg

Who fancies eating summer? If so: go for basil cucumber gazpacho. Summer personified (umm… persoupified?). I’ve been trying to post summery recipes for a while now, but it’s a bit tricky to work in the abstract. Summer recipes aren’t exactly what pops into my head when it’s grey and rainy outside (it’s July, England! Get… 

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Creamy spring vegetable soup

Creamy spring vegetable soup 4

Did you know that it’s Yogurt Week from 19th-25th May? It’s a time to celebrate all things yogurty – breakfasts, baked goods, creamy pastas, salad dressings, sauces, dips, curries, and a million other things – it really is a ridiculously versatile ingredient, and a great food staple. Plus, it’s packed with a wide range of… 

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50 Delicious Vegetarian Asparagus Recipes


I’m so excited for today’s guest post! Firstly because by now I’ll have fully settled into the Mexican way of living, and I’ll be a lovely golden brown (since it’s my honeymoon I’m hoping the tan gods will be nice to me and refrain from turning me my usual lobster red), and secondly because it… 

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60 favourite vegan recipes

60 favourite vegan recipes 2

So, it’s finally the end of vegan January! Here are some thoughts: – vegan food is awesome! I’ve really enjoyed the meals I’ve been creating – there’s been vegan tacos, vegan soup, vegan pâté, vegan stew… all sorts of things. And it’s all been great! Anyone who thinks vegan food purely consists of a pile of… 

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