Cheesy roasted squash lasagne with spinach and walnut pesto

Cheesy roasted squash lasagne with spinach and walnut pesto

I’m actually kind of loving autumn so far this year – it’s never been my favourite season (far from it), but I don’t think I’ve ever realised before just how good the food is! I’m totally taking advantage of it this year and making a ridiculous amount the three Ss – soups, stews and things involving squash. Today we have cheesy roasted squash lasagne – layer upon layer of autumnal goodness.

(by the way, ask me what I think about autumn again in a month’s time when it’s bitterly cold and raining every day. I can’t help but think I might feel differently)

Cheesy roasted squash lasagne with spinach and walnut pesto

Some people seem to think that the butternut squash is the poor man’s pumpkin, but no! It’s the best! It’s much easier to deal with than a huge pumpkin, you don’t end up eating it for two weeks straight to get through it all, and when it’s simply roasted in some oil with a bit of s + p, it’s absolutely divine. Add a creamy béchamel sauce, a simple pesto made from spinach and walnuts, some sheets of lasagne and a crispy cheesy topping, and you’ll be happy until December.

For the recipe, head on over to Great British Chefs!

Cheesy roasted squash lasagne with spinach and walnut pesto

(by the way: as you can see, after asking your opinions in my brown butter lemon and walnut pasta post, I’ve decided to share my GBC posts here on Amuse Your Bouche. However (if I can manage it) they will be additional to my usual recipe posts – hence why I’m posting this just one day after posting my slow cooker black bean soup. That way, you’ll get all the normal recipes, plus more – and there’s no way anyone can complain about that. It’ll be more work for me, but I’ll do my best!)


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    What a beautiful lasagna full of so many wonderful seasonal flavors for autumn. Like you, it’s not my favorite season (actually my favorite is spring!), but the season is more delightful with a cheesy lasagna such as this. What a beautiful blog you have too, Becca! So glad to now follow you along!
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