Creamy aubergine lasagne rolls

Creamy aubergine lasagne rolls

Lasagne is one of my biggest conundrums. It’s oh-so-delicious, but it’s also oh-so-labour-intensive.

Make a white sauce; make a tomato sauce; make your veggie filling; layer, layer, layer.

None of these things are particularly difficult on their own, but when you have to do them all simultaneously, it can become a bit of a headache. Even when it’s all cooked and ready to serve, I still manage to make a mess – somehow cutting through several layers of pasta is too difficult for my stupid hands and I end up dragging an entire sheet of lasagne out from the middle of my beautifully layered dish (please tell me someone else does this too?).

All of this culminates in my life containing far less lasagne than I would like.

Creamy aubergine lasagne rolls

The solution: these creamy aubergine lasagne rolls. They’re designed to make your lasagne-making experience a walk in the park.

The vegetable mixture is cooked up, and then a few big spoonfuls of ricotta are mixed right in – no white sauce to faff about with. I used passata straight out of the carton instead of simmering a tomato sauce for ages – by the time you’ve added all your other ingredients, you can’t even tell.

And, my favourite part: instead of layering it all up, I made these adorable little lasagne rolls. They’re about as much effort to put together as the layered version, but so much easier to serve – everyone gets their own little rolls, which you can scoop straight out of the pan with no trouble. No more sawing through al dente lasagne sheets!

Creamy aubergine lasagne rolls

Aren’t they cute?

(No? Just me?)

The point is, this version was so much quicker and easier to make than normal lasagne. I definitely enjoy making lasagne on occasions when I have some time to spare, but this version is far more suitable for a weeknight.

You can find the recipe over at Great British Chefs.

I think I might be obsessed with lasagne rolls now. What’s your favourite variety of lasagne – what should I try next?

Creamy aubergine lasagne rolls


  1. Angrboda says

    And you post this just as I’m contemplating what to serve next week. What good timing! I shall try and make this.

    I have two favourite lasagnas. One of them is spinach lasagne, which only has one kind of sauce. Basically it’s spinach stewed in milk, with a little flour in to make it thick and seasoned with salt, pepper, nutmeg (and lemon zest/juice if you have it), and then layered. I usually slice some mushrooms and put in one of the layers, and I like adding a teaspoon of mustard to the spinach sauce as well. Cheese on top and cook. I find it easier to use frozen chopped spinach rather than fresh.

    The other one is our root-y lasagna. I take some roots (carrots, potatoes, parsnips, celeriac, beets, whatever you’ve got) and dice it. Then I cover them with oil, salt and pepper and cook them in the oven for about 20 minutes. (I like to put the veg into a freezer bag, pour a little oil in and then shake the bag. Easy way to get everything covered in oil, but without getting myself covered in oil as well) While that cooks I make the two sauces. The white one is just your standard white sauce. Milk, flour, seasoning of choice. Again, I like to put some mustard in it. The tomato sauce isn’t even cooked. In a large bowl I mix two tins of chopped tomatos, season it with salt, pepper and cumin. Sometimes a little cayenne pepper as well, but not always as I don’t much care for very hot things. You can also put garlic in if you like garlic (another ingredient I routinely skip). When the roots are finished in the oven, add to the bowl and mix. So the only sauce you actually have to cook is the white sauce. Layer, cheese on top, in the oven.

    The latter take a fairly long time to make what with all the peeling and dicing and pre-cooking of roots, but the former is super easy and I often use it when I can’t be bothered to cook a lot. Preparation is fairly simple and once it’s in the oven it takes care of itself.

  2. says

    Yes, I can’t serve lasagne without making a pig’s ear of it. (Ooops! Not what you want to say to a vegetarian is it??) And using the sheets to make kinda cannelloni is a better way to go.

    I use spinach in a heck of a lot of my dishes, and I’m using coconut milk a lot these days too, the creamy kind which comes out of the tin like a thick dollop of delicious cream but GOOD FOR YOU!! and easy to flavour – quick and easy dairy-free sauce. You could make the filing spinach and ricotta or feta, or …yummy yummy – roast mixed peppers with ricotta oh my goodness I’m drooling here just thinking about that. I should get a life ……
    Lynne Gill recently posted…Vegan FeastMy Profile

  3. Alison Wright says

    I rustled this up for dinner this evening and it was gorgeous!!! Thanks for the never-ending supply of great recipes. I’ve only been reading your blog for a few weeks but it’s headed straight to the top of my list of favourites. Thank you xxx

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