What does ‘Amuse Your Bouche’ mean?

I would never have named my blog this if I knew how often I would get asked this question! An ‘amuse-bouche’ is a bit like a canapé. ‘Bouche’ is French for ‘mouth’. Hence, Amuse Your Bouche – amuse your mouth. With food. Get it? No? It doesn’t really matter anyway.

Can I use one of your recipes / photos for my blog / website?

I love it when people feature my recipes on their blogs and websites, provided it is done properly. You can use my photos wherever you like, as long as you clearly link back to the post that it came from. You may also feature my recipes on your blog, again with an attributing link, however my recipes must not be copied out in full anywhere else on the web. If you want to use one of my recipes, please rewrite it in your own words or just provide a link back to my post. If you have any questions about this, please just ask using the email address on my contact page.

Would you like to write a sponsored post for my brand?

If I feel that your brand or product is relevant and interesting to my readers then sure! However this is at my discretion and I will not write sponsored posts for brands that I would not use or do not personally recommend. I always disclose sponsored posts. Please get in touch via the email address above to request my media kit.

I want to start a blog – what services do you use / recommend?

I am hosted by Bluehost, who I would 100% recommend. They have great customer service and were a great help in ironing out any glitches I had when moving my site over to them (which, by the way, were caused entirely by my own incompetence). They’re also one of the most affordable hosting services I’ve found, at just a few pounds / dollars a month.

My blog runs on the Genesis Framework and the Foodie Theme by Shay Bocks.

What photography equipment do you use?

I have a Canon EOS 500D (known in North America as the Canon EOS Rebel T1i), which I find really easy to use. One of these days I’ll get around to getting a new lens but I currently just use the one that came with the camera. I always shoot on an inexpensive tripod that looks almost exactly like this.

I edit my photos using a combination of online tools, mostly PicMonkey (there is a free version, or you can upgrade for more features) and Pixlr.

(disclosure: several of the above are affiliate links – if you click across and sign up / buy the product, I get a commission. I appreciate it!)