Pumpkin and feta empanadas

Pumpkin and feta empanadas

There has been a distinct lack of pumpkin on my blog this autumn – just one recipe (cheesy pumpkin lentil pot pies). Pitiful! Considering most food blogs get taken over by pumpkin pretty much as soon as September hits, I feel very inadequate. So I bring you pumpkin and feta empanadas – a meal good enough to make up for the lack of pumpkin recipes here so far this year! These little pasties are stuffed with pumpkin, feta and red onion, and are seriously easy to make.

Pumpkin and feta empanadas

I’m sure that a lot of people make their own empanada pastry, but since this blog is for simple vegetarian recipes, I used shop-bought shortcrust pastry (I love how often I can use the tagline of this blog as an excuse for my laziness). These babies are extremely forgiving – obviously, I started out filling and shaping my empanadas on the worktop before attempting to transfer them to the baking tray, and obviously they stuck and stretched and tore and any number of other things (I stupidly did more than one this way before realising I could just fill them straight on the baking tray instead – I think I’m the simple one). But despite my best efforts to ruin them, they all turned out tasting amazing and looking no less than ‘beautifully rustic’. And you can always pretend that was what you were aiming for in the first place! (Which, for me, it totally was. Obviously.)

Anyway, the point is, if you’re making these and it seems like it’s all going wrong – persevere! It’ll all work out in the end.

Pumpkin and feta empanadas

The filling of these empanadas is beautiful – and not only because the orange, purple and white look great together. It tastes amazing too. The creamy pumpkin is cut through by the salty feta and it all goes perfectly with the buttery, flaky pastry. I will be thoroughly impressed if you make a batch of these and don’t eat them all within about ten minutes. In fact I recommend you give some of them away (to me) to stop yourself from eating them all.

For the easy peasy recipe, head over to Great British Chefs.

Pumpkin and feta empanadas

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    I can just imagine these wonderful combination of flavor in my mouth – Pumpkin and Feta! Both are my favorite ingredients! I am on it- making it right now:)

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    This sounds familiar. I made empanadas once and it was a MESS. I tried adding the filling to the pastry dough before it was cool and it started to almost melt off. I also attempted to make my own dough (I don’t know what possessed me). Despite this, my boyfriend still asks me to make them over and over. Empanadas are surprisingly forgiving and pumpkin and feta filling sounds super delicious.
    Holly @ Holly’s Helpings recently posted…Red Wine Tomato SauceMy Profile

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    OH MY GOODNESS! YUMMM!! Pinned and saved to try next fall–when we all go goo-goo, gaga over pumpkin flavors! Hehe normally I shy from it most of the year, but this just sounds divine! Thanks for sharing!

    Have a great rest of your weekend,

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    Great. Another Vegan recipe for Emma. They look mouth-watering. Shall have to wait until the Autumn. That is the only time I have seen Pumpkins in the shops here.
    Again many thanks for all the lovely recipes.

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