Sausage and puy lentil vegetarian cassoulet

Sausage and puy lentil vegetarian cassoulet-1

I never knew I could love a cassoulet so much. Stews have never really been my thing - I can enjoy them, but I tend to gravitate towards creamy dishes, rather than rich gravy-based dishes. This vegetarian cassoulet, though... so, so good. I think I might now be a stew person. If you didn't already know, a cassoulet is a traditional French stew. It's usually made with white … [Read more...]

Vegetable moussaka casserole

Vegetable moussaka casserole 4.jpg

Since I went all Greek on you last time with my prasorizo, I thought I'd continue the theme with this simple vegetarian moussaka casserole. Moussaka is one of my favourite foods ever. When we lived in Liverpool we used to go out for Greek food fairly often (if you live near Liverpool, go to Christaki's! Best place ever), and I would order vegetable moussaka without fail. It's … [Read more...]

Slow cooker Mexican casserole

Slow cooker Mexican casserole 6.jpg

When I first took the lid off my slow cooker, I wasn't sure if I was going to post about this recipe - it's not the most attractive dish I've ever made, and it turns out it's really tricky to photograph the inside of a slow cooker. But, then I had a taste and my jaw dropped (not literally, not with a mouthful of food anyway) - this Mexican casserole is one of my favourite … [Read more...]

Mexican quinoa bake

Mexican quinoa bake 6.jpg

Hands up if you love quinoa! (I hope you've all got your hands up right now, otherwise I feel a bit silly for waving my arms madly here) Now hands up if you love quinoa with enchilada sauce and black beans and veg and a crispy cheesy topping... This Mexican quinoa bake is pretty much my new favourite thing ever (I know I say that a lot... but I always mean it at the … [Read more...]

Mushroom bourguignon

Mushroom bourguignon 1

I know that April is totally the wrong time of year to be posting a recipe for mushroom bourguignon, but there's a reason for this ridiculousness. I haven't talked about it here in a while, but I'm sure you've all guessed since I talk about my fiancé all the time (more often than he would like...) - I'm getting married soon. In less than a week, in fact (omg is it really that … [Read more...]

Enchilada pasta bake

Enchilada pasta bake 5

You gotta love ugly food. It needs eating just as much as pretty food, if not more, because it's usually so delicious. This enchilada pasta bake is kind of an amped-up version of my enchilada noodles from last year - everyone knows that pasta is best when it's baked, so I smothered my enchilada-style pasta in a thick layer of refried beans and salsa, and topped it all with a … [Read more...]

Vegetarian sausage hotpot

Vegetarian sausage hotpot 1

I think a lot of people view us Brits as posh, rich people who talk like the Queen, but that really couldn't be further from the truth. Actually a lot of the country was pretty poor for a pretty long time, so many of our traditional recipes are along the lines of this vegetarian sausage hotpot - stews that could be made easily and, most importantly, cheaply. There are loads of … [Read more...]