Healthier korma curry

Healthier korma curry-5

If I was imagining a healthy curry, a korma would not be it. A korma is usually super rich, super creamy, and super sweet- not exactly a light option. But, since avoiding all the nice things in life in the name of health is frankly quite boring, I thought I'd just lighten it up a bit instead. A healthier korma! … [Read more...]

Easy Sri Lankan curry with toasted cashews

Sri Lankan curry-4

You may have noticed that I'm not Sri Lankan. In fact, I've never even been to Sri Lanka. So you would be well within your rights to call me out on the fact that this Sri Lankan curry is probably not actually Sri Lankan at all. Buuut, the flavours in this curry were inspired by a dish I was served at a restaurant ages ago, and if they're allowed to call it a Sri Lankan … [Read more...]

Carrot and red lentil koftas

Carrot and red lentil koftas-9

I actually made these carrot and red lentil koftas aaages ago (my Instagram picture serves as proof - I wonder whether Instagram has ever been used as evidence in court?), but I've only just got around to sharing them. Sorry if you were waiting for the recipe! Koftas are usually balls of meat, but here I've made a lentil version (the whole 'vegetarian' thing, and all), and … [Read more...]

Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza

Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza-3

Since vegetarian food is often cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and (to some) even more delicious than meat, a lot of companies are starting to feed their employees meatless meals - even if it’s just once a week, as part of the Meatless Monday initiative. One of those companies is Ovo Energy, based in Bristol, who are serving up a delicious vegetarian meal to their … [Read more...]

Easy chickpea biryani

Easy chickpea biryani 8

Have you ever had a biryani? It's basically a curry with rice, but it's all cooked together in the oven so the rice soaks up all of the curry goodness. I've avoided making a biryani in the past because honestly, baking rice has always scared me a bit - eeeek, how much water should you use, and eeeeek, don't you just end up with strange, crispy, roasted rice? and eeeeek, how … [Read more...]

Tikka mushrooms

Tikka mushrooms 4

This might sound a bit strange, but having a food blog, I often cook things that I'm not sure I'll like. If I only ever cooked things I knew I'd love, this blog would soon turn into a macaroni cheese fest. (which sounds amazing, by the way) These tikka mushrooms were one of the recipes that I wasn't entirely sure about. The mushrooms are marinated in yogurt and plenty of … [Read more...]

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt 5

Do any of you own a Tefal Actifry? My husband and I have been lusting after one for months, and I was lucky enough to be sent one before Christmas, much to our delight! (…is ‘much to our delight’ something that someone in their mid-twenties should be saying? Not sure.) If you don’t know what an Actifry does, it basically fries things in only one tablespoon of oil. I don’t know … [Read more...]

Brussels sprout and cauliflower pilaf

Brussels sprout and cauliflower pilaf 6

Did you all have a wonderful Christmas? I did - I ate lots of good food (lots of roast potatoes), unwrapped plenty of chocolate coins, and barely moved from the sofa for about three days. Just perfect. If your fridge is now full of bowlfuls leftover veg, you might like today's recipe - Brussels sprout and cauliflower pilaf! It's a great way to use up all those veg that … [Read more...]

Paneer stuffed butternut squash with spiced yogurt

Paneer stuffed butternut squash 7

(please remember to take my reader survey!!) I am in love with paneer cheese - it's my go-to when we have Indian food (yes, apparently even when I'm having a curry I still gravitate towards cheese...). I'm usually very unimaginative, and I have saag paneer (paneer with spinach) every single time we get a take away curry. I like to tell myself it's a good way to compare the … [Read more...]

Curried broccoli dal

Curried broccoli dal 8

The beginning of autumn means comfort food! Food that serves both to make me less depressed about the end of the summer, and to warm me up when it's miserable outside (this morning it genuinely looked like a scene from a horror movie outside with all the mist). And what's more comforting than a big bowlful of warm curry? (especially if you eat it on your lap on the … [Read more...]

Weeknight tikka masala

Weeknight tikka masala 2.jpg

The Commonwealth Games are starting in Glasgow next week! I’m not really into sport on a day-to-day basis, but when something big comes along like the Commonwealth Games (or the Olympics, or even the World Cup), I do get a bit drawn in. When else can you watch people jumping into water very beautifully, or rolling a ball very carefully towards another ball? (no sarcasm … [Read more...]

Easy slow cooker saag aloo

Easy slow cooker saag aloo 1

I've been totally obsessed with spinach lately (much to the annoyance of my fiancé, who isn't a fan - I know, I'm the worst girlfriend ever). So much so that I think I'm going to have to ban myself from buying any more for the next couple of weeks. It's just so versatile - eat it in burgers, stick it in soup, use it to make pesto... this time I made saag aloo, an Indian spinach … [Read more...]