Hot and buttery samphire potato salad

Hot and buttery samphire potato salad-5

This was my first experience with samphire - are you guys as new to it as I am, or have I just been living under a rock for the past few centuries? If you've not had it before, it's basically just a green plant that grows by the sea, and is therefore super duper salty. And I really do mean super duper salty. Eaten raw, it's almost too salty to bear, even for someone like me … [Read more...]

Homemade cheese and onion crisp bakes

Homemade cheese and onion crisp bakes-4

If you've never had the cheese and onion crisp bakes from Marks and Spencer, you are missing a trick. They've not paid me to write this, in fact they most likely have no clue who I am, but I must say, Mr Marks and Mr Spencer: good job on the crisp bakes (side note: they are both very definitely long dead, but my appreciation still stands). If you live in a country that … [Read more...]

White bean and pesto burgers (Amuse Your Bouche and Marley Spoon!)

White bean and pesto burgers-4

I have something a bit different for you today - there's no recipe in this post, but there is something even more exciting! I've teamed up with Marley Spoon to bring one of my recipes right to your doorstep (literally!). For those of you who don't know, Marley Spoon is a recipe delivery service - they deliver recipe cards, along with all the ingredients you need to make the … [Read more...]

Homity pie bites

Homity pie bites-5

Have you ever read the Cranks Bible? Don't worry, I'm not getting all religious on you - it's a vegetarian cookbook full of really interesting and original recipes. The kind of cookbook that you'll 'ooh!' your way through as you turn down the corner of every single page. This autumn, Cranks are bringing out a brand new edition, with all new recipes, including a few by … [Read more...]

Easy chickpea biryani

Easy chickpea biryani 8

Have you ever had a biryani? It's basically a curry with rice, but it's all cooked together in the oven so the rice soaks up all of the curry goodness. I've avoided making a biryani in the past because honestly, baking rice has always scared me a bit - eeeek, how much water should you use, and eeeeek, don't you just end up with strange, crispy, roasted rice? and eeeeek, how … [Read more...]

Edible Mr Potato Head

Edible Mr Potato Head 7

I think this might just be the single most ridiculous recipe I’ve ever shared here. In fact, it’s not even a recipe really, it’s just a reason to giggle to yourself in the kitchen for twenty minutes while you try to cut some teeth out of a bit of feta cheese, and make a pair of eyebrows out of a black olive. As I said - ridiculous. So, what’s the reason for this monstrosity? … [Read more...]

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt 5

Do any of you own a Tefal Actifry? My husband and I have been lusting after one for months, and I was lucky enough to be sent one before Christmas, much to our delight! (…is ‘much to our delight’ something that someone in their mid-twenties should be saying? Not sure.) If you don’t know what an Actifry does, it basically fries things in only one tablespoon of oil. I don’t know … [Read more...]

Extra creamy leek and potato soup

Creamy leek and potato soup 4

Did you know that there are dozens of delicious recipes on the Flora website? (the broccoli and cauliflower pancakes sound especially gorgeous!) Today they’re kindly letting me share a recipe from their website - leek and potato soup! Leek and potato soup is an utter classic, and there’s a reason for that. It’s thick and creamy (this version in particular!!), with beautiful … [Read more...]

How to make the perfect roast potatoes

Perfect roast potatoes 2

Firstly, I apologise for the slightly arrogant title! Obviously everyone has their own idea of what makes the perfect roast potato, but in my opinion, this is it. Soft and fluffy inside, super crispy on the outside - absolutely perfect. Now, I definitely don't make roast potatoes this way every time - they're a bit more labour-intensive than my usual method. I usually roast … [Read more...]

Cheese and onion plait

Cheese and onion plait 6

One of the best things about the Christmas period is that you have an excuse to make recipes like this cheese and onion plait (in case you needed an excuse). Potatoes. Cheese. Pastry. It's not exactly health food - in fact it's more of a carb fest, with plenty of cheese thrown in for good measure. But that's what Christmas is for, no? My favourite thing about … [Read more...]

Kale and potato breakfast hash

Kale and potato breakfast hash 1

I'm one of those people who always leaves the best part of any meal til last - and potatoes are usually the last thing I eat. Always the best thing on the plate! (unless maybe they're served alongside some refried beans... then it's a toss up between the two). Potatoes have been my favourite vegetable ( I allowed to think of them as a vegetable?) for years and years, and … [Read more...]

Roasted potato tikka masala

Roasted potato tikka masala 6

You can't beat a good curry! And tikka masala is one of my favourites (hence why I made my own version back in July). I don't have it too often (most curry places serve it with your choice of meat, but unfortunately none isn't usually an option), but it's a real crowd-pleaser - heaps of flavour, and a touch of spice but nothing overpowering. Despite usually being served as a … [Read more...]

Taco potato crisps

Taco potato crisps 6

If you're a reader of food blogs (which... I guess you are, since you're here...), you'll probably know Angela of Oh She Glows and her incredible vegan recipes. What you might not know is that although her cookbook (aptly titled The Oh She Glows Cookbook) was released in the US earlier this year, it's just been brought to the UK! So finally us Brits can get our grubby mitts on … [Read more...]

Cheesy Mexican potatoes

Cheesy Mexican potatoes 8

I have a new toy in my kitchen! It's a multicooker - the Redmond RMC-M4500, to be precise. If you've not used a multicooker before, you might not know what one is, so let me tell you: utter magic. That's what it is. This thing stews, fries, steams, cooks rice, makes soup... you can even use it to bake bread and make yogurt! You just stick everything in the bowl, press the right … [Read more...]

Vegetable moussaka casserole

Vegetable moussaka casserole 4.jpg

Since I went all Greek on you last time with my prasorizo, I thought I'd continue the theme with this simple vegetarian moussaka casserole. Moussaka is one of my favourite foods ever. When we lived in Liverpool we used to go out for Greek food fairly often (if you live near Liverpool, go to Christaki's! Best place ever), and I would order vegetable moussaka without fail. It's … [Read more...]

Irish boxties (potato pancakes)

Irish boxties 2

Happy St Patrick's Day! I'm not even remotely Irish, but half the world seems to think they are, so I figured some of you might enjoy having an Irish recipe today. Boxties are traditional Irish potato pancakes, and they're really easy to make, and are also really versatile. You can either make them really big and flat and then wrap them around a filling of your choice, or make … [Read more...]

Easy slow cooker saag aloo

Easy slow cooker saag aloo 1

I've been totally obsessed with spinach lately (much to the annoyance of my fiancé, who isn't a fan - I know, I'm the worst girlfriend ever). So much so that I think I'm going to have to ban myself from buying any more for the next couple of weeks. It's just so versatile - eat it in burgers, stick it in soup, use it to make pesto... this time I made saag aloo, an Indian spinach … [Read more...]

Loaded potato nachos

Loaded potato nachos 3

If you'd asked me a week ago whether there was anything better than a heap of cheesy nachos topped with guacamole and sour cream, I would have told you to stop being so ridiculous. But I think I might have just found something even better - potato nachos. I can't believe I've never tried nachos this way before - there's very little that beats cheesy potatoes, but I think cheesy … [Read more...]

Apple, parsnip and potato soup

Apple, parsnip and potato soup 4

Is anyone sick of the season yet? I tend to start on winter food as soon as October hits, and I get into the Christmas spirit pretty early (much to the annoyance of my fiancé), yet somehow I don't get sick of it - not in terms of the food, anyway. The weather is another matter, since I long for some sunshine after just a few days of rain, but I could quite happily eat wintery … [Read more...]

Apple and goat’s cheese dauphinoise potatoes

Apple and goat's cheese dauphinoise potatoes 3

We put our Christmas tree up yesterday! We've yet to decorate the rest of the house, but the tree is up, and that automatically makes me feel festive. I've been told that I'm not allowed to be grumpy at all from now on, because the tree is an automatic cheer-giver. So now that my life has become a twinkly, jolly, Christmas-song fest (Mariah Carey and The Pogues are currently … [Read more...]

Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup

Slow cooker loaded baked potato soup 8

I'm not sure if the way I eat a baked potato is normal. While it's still really hot, I add my toppings (usually just a dab of butter and some grated cheese) and then I basically just mash it into oblivion. The skin stays intact, but the middle just becomes a messy heap of gooey mashed potato. It's ace. It's also the reason I can't order baked potatoes in public. Does anyone … [Read more...]

Thai-style corn and potato cakes

Thai-style corn and potato cakes 4

I used to work in a restaurant, and we'd make these Thai-style fishcakes (using smoked salmon) that everyone would rave about. Obviously I couldn't taste them because I don't eat fish, so I thought I'd make my own veggie version - Thai-style corn and potato cakes. My corn and feta potato cakes went down a storm, but since I'm trying to force myself not to put cheese … [Read more...]

Garlic and parsley fries

Garlic and parsley fries

I don't buy oven chips very often because they're one of those things that's easy to make from scratch, and actually even better than the shop-bought version. Case in point: crunchy, fluffy chips with fresh parsley, garlic, and plenty of salt and pepper. So simple, but oh-so-good. I like to leave the skins on mine, for several reasons: it's where most of the nutrition is; … [Read more...]

Cheesy herbed potatoes Anna

Cheesy herbed potatoes anna 5

Traditional potatoes Anna (or pommes Anna as they're known - which always confused me because 'pommes' is French for apples - 'pommes de terre' means potatoes) are made with just potatoes and butter, but since I'm ridiculously predictable and can't imagine anything without cheese, I had to add some parmesan and herbs to make them a bit more interesting. And it worked so well - … [Read more...]