Kale and potato breakfast hash 1

Kale and potato breakfast hash

I’m one of those people who always leaves the best part of any meal til last – and potatoes are usually the last thing I eat. Always the best thing on the plate! (unless maybe they’re served alongside some refried beans… then it’s a toss up between the two). Potatoes have been my favourite vegetable (…am… 

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Taco potato crisps 6

Taco potato crisps

If you’re a reader of food blogs (which… I guess you are, since you’re here…), you’ll probably know Angela of Oh She Glows and her incredible vegan recipes. What you might not know is that although her cookbook (aptly titled The Oh She Glows Cookbook) was released in the US earlier this year, it’s just been… 

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Vegetable moussaka casserole 4.jpg

Vegetable moussaka casserole

Since I went all Greek on you last time with my prasorizo, I thought I’d continue the theme with this simple vegetarian moussaka casserole. Moussaka is one of my favourite foods ever. When we lived in Liverpool we used to go out for Greek food fairly often (if you live near Liverpool, go to Christaki’s! Best… 

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Irish boxties 2

Irish boxties (potato pancakes)

Happy St Patrick’s Day! I’m not even remotely Irish, but half the world seems to think they are, so I figured some of you might enjoy having an Irish recipe today. Boxties are traditional Irish potato pancakes, and they’re really easy to make, and are also really versatile. You can either make them really big… 

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