Asparagus spaghetti with a fried egg 8.jpg

Asparagus spaghetti with a fried egg

Despite what I said the other day about sticking an egg on something and calling it breakfast, I’m not going to call this ‘breakfast spaghetti’ (although that does sound pretty amazing, and will definitely be added to my running list of recipes to make…). Nope, today I’m sticking with plain old ‘asparagus spaghetti with a… 

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Creamy spring vegetable soup 4

Creamy spring vegetable soup

Did you know that it’s Yogurt Week from 19th-25th May? It’s a time to celebrate all things yogurty – breakfasts, baked goods, creamy pastas, salad dressings, sauces, dips, curries, and a million other things – it really is a ridiculously versatile ingredient, and a great food staple. Plus, it’s packed with a wide range of… 

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