Corn and artichoke vegan pizza

Corn and artichoke vegan pizza-5

Here's another recipe that was requested on my Facebook page: vegan pizza. I know, I had the same reaction when I first saw the suggestion - I adore cheese, why on earth would I want to make a vegan pizza? But, you know I love to experiment with different types of food, so I thought I'd give it a go. To be honest, it is a bit of a cop-out to just heap everything with … [Read more...]

Thai green curry noodle soup

Thai green curry noodle soup 8

I'm so excited to tell you about a product today. As soon as I saw these noodles online, I just knew that I had to tell you about them! As a vegetarian, it can be really easy to fall into the trap of having pasta / noodles for every meal - which isn't the most nutritious way of eating. Buuut, these noodles from Explore Asian are different - they're made from beans! Which … [Read more...]

Creamy coconut corn chowder

Creamy coconut corn chowder 5

What's the difference between a soup and a chowder? I always thought a chowder was just a chunky soup, but there are some chunky soups that I would never call a chowder (I've never heard of minestrone chowder), so... who knows. I'm definitely going to call this a chowder though, since it means I can sing 'chowdaaaaah' while I'm prancing round the kitchen. (and now the word … [Read more...]

Summer vegetable lasagne

Summer vegetable lasagne 3.jpg

Hellooo, best meal ever! Lasagne is pretty much always amazing, but this... this summer vegetable lasagne was quite possibly the best I've ever made. (I swear I say that in every single blog post these days. What can I say, I'm passionate...) I just can't get over that crispy cheesy topping. My favourite way to top a casserole or pasta bake these days is with a … [Read more...]

Slow cooker Mexican casserole

Slow cooker Mexican casserole 6.jpg

When I first took the lid off my slow cooker, I wasn't sure if I was going to post about this recipe - it's not the most attractive dish I've ever made, and it turns out it's really tricky to photograph the inside of a slow cooker. But, then I had a taste and my jaw dropped (not literally, not with a mouthful of food anyway) - this Mexican casserole is one of my favourite … [Read more...]

Corn and avocado fritters

Corn and avocado fritters 9.jpg

Corn fritters have always been one of my favourites. But now they have been surpassed - by corn and avocado fritters. We all know that adding avocado automatically makes anything better, so really it shouldn't have been a shock that these were so good, but I was actually pleasantly surprised at just how amazing an addition the avocado was! As well as (obviously) adding … [Read more...]

Veggie pasta with artichokes and asparagus

Veggie pasta  5.jpg

If you know anyone who thinks that vegetables have no flavour, this is the recipe you need to make for them. This veggie pasta proves that you don't need a million ingredients to create a tasty recipe - it's flavoured with nothing but tons and tons of vegetables (not literally - don't worry, you don't need to go off and start a farm). Artichokes, asparagus, corn, tomatoes, … [Read more...]

Garlic butter sautéed corn

Garlic butter sauteed corn 6

So I guess you guys really like chocolate, since you went mad for my salted chocolate pots with caramel sauce the other day. Duly noted - more chocolate coming up. I'm afraid today's recipe isn't quite as exciting as butter + chocolate + cream, but in my corn-loving opinion, it's just as delicious - garlic butter sautéed corn! I sometimes struggle a bit with side dishes, … [Read more...]

Curried bulgur wheat salad

Curried bulgur wheat salad 3

So it seems that when I eat vegan, I eat a lot of carbs. I'm sure that's not the case for all vegans, but since I'm relying more on beans and lentils for protein, without being willing to give up my usual potatoes and pasta, my carb intake has pretty much doubled. I'm not sure whether I'm complaining about this or not. On the one hand, it seems like it can't be healthy. … [Read more...]

Creamy Mexican-style dip

Creamy Mexican-style dip 3

  Around Christmas time, everything I eat seems to be one of two things: either an enormous, fully-fledged roast dinner, or something that really shouldn't be classed as a meal at all - more like lots of little canapés and nibbles. A 'light lunch' no longer exists for me - it's either a huge meal or a tiny one, but nothing in between. This dip is the perfect example - who … [Read more...]

Thai-style corn and potato cakes

Thai-style corn and potato cakes 4

I used to work in a restaurant, and we'd make these Thai-style fishcakes (using smoked salmon) that everyone would rave about. Obviously I couldn't taste them because I don't eat fish, so I thought I'd make my own veggie version - Thai-style corn and potato cakes. My corn and feta potato cakes went down a storm, but since I'm trying to force myself not to put cheese … [Read more...]