Roasted red pepper falafel

Roasted red pepper falafel-7

I have a love-hate relationship with falafel. I love the flavours and the crispy bits on the outside - and, as a vegetarian, I feel I really should enjoy them (especially considering that falafel and hummus in a wrap is the only vegetarian option in about 97% of cafés around here). But as I've told you before, I sometimes find them sooo dryyy that they just suck all the … [Read more...]

Carrot and red lentil koftas

Carrot and red lentil koftas-9

I actually made these carrot and red lentil koftas aaages ago (my Instagram picture serves as proof - I wonder whether Instagram has ever been used as evidence in court?), but I've only just got around to sharing them. Sorry if you were waiting for the recipe! Koftas are usually balls of meat, but here I've made a lentil version (the whole 'vegetarian' thing, and all), and … [Read more...]

Aubergine red Thai curry noodle bowls

Aubergine red Thai curry bowls-5

It's another dinner bowl! I'm obsessed with these things. This time I went for a noodle bowl, with red Thai curry aubergine. And it was amazing. The thing that takes this recipe over the edge, from 'mmm yummy Thai curry' to 'mmmm yummy yummy Thai curry noodle bowl' is: garnish. So much garnish! All sorts of delicious bits scattered over the top, which add heaps of extra … [Read more...]

31 vegetarian chickpea recipes

41 vegetarian chickpea recipes

I looove chickpeas. I tend to use the tinned version, which means they're really handy for throwing into dishes to add a bit of protein - the fact that they don't have a huge amount of flavour on their own means they'll go with just about anything. Make them Indian, make them Italian, throw them in a soup, mash them up, throw them in the air a few times - whatever you do you'll … [Read more...]

Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza

Butternut squash and black bean dopiaza-3

Since vegetarian food is often cheaper, more environmentally friendly, and (to some) even more delicious than meat, a lot of companies are starting to feed their employees meatless meals - even if it’s just once a week, as part of the Meatless Monday initiative. One of those companies is Ovo Energy, based in Bristol, who are serving up a delicious vegetarian meal to their … [Read more...]

Easy chickpea biryani

Easy chickpea biryani 8

Have you ever had a biryani? It's basically a curry with rice, but it's all cooked together in the oven so the rice soaks up all of the curry goodness. I've avoided making a biryani in the past because honestly, baking rice has always scared me a bit - eeeek, how much water should you use, and eeeeek, don't you just end up with strange, crispy, roasted rice? and eeeeek, how … [Read more...]

Kale and avocado burritos

Kale and avocado burritos 5

Okay, this is probably more of a kale and avocado wrap than a kale and avocado burrito, but since I have absolutely no idea what the heck a burrito actually is, let's just go with burrito. Either way, my goodness this was amazing. Mashed avocado (yes!), garlicky sautéed kale (yes yes!), black beans (yeeees!) - and not much else, meaning very little washing up (I think I … [Read more...]

Mushroom and walnut bolognese

Mushroom and walnut bolognese 5

The walnut 'meat' returns! I've used it twice before now, piled high on roasted potato slices, and stuffed into lettuce wraps. Since both of these recipes spiced it up and made it taco meat style, this time I thought I'd do something a bit different and use it to make spaghetti bolognese (a firm favourite). I usually use beef-style soy mince in my bolognese, but I … [Read more...]

Croatian soparnik (kale pie)

Croatian soparnik 6

I was recently invited to share a Croatian recipe as part of the World On A Plate challenge, which is being run by the travel company Expedia. I’m always up for a challenge and I love international food (sweeping statement of the day...), so I set about looking for a vegetarian Croatian recipe to share. I went to Croatia years ago (back in 2008, in fact), but since we were … [Read more...]

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt

Indian spiced potato wedges with coriander lime yogurt 5

Do any of you own a Tefal Actifry? My husband and I have been lusting after one for months, and I was lucky enough to be sent one before Christmas, much to our delight! (…is ‘much to our delight’ something that someone in their mid-twenties should be saying? Not sure.) If you don’t know what an Actifry does, it basically fries things in only one tablespoon of oil. I don’t know … [Read more...]

Butternut squash crisps

Butternut squash crisps 1

Crisps are one of the foods that I'm attempting to give up as part of my new year's resolutions. Not crisps specifically, I'm just trying to eat a bit better, get a bit fitter, and generally be a better person in every single other way (that's what new year's resolutions are for, right?). I'm sure that in a couple of weeks, crisps will once again begin to make semi-regular … [Read more...]

Puy lentils with cannellini beans and garlicky leeks

Puy lentils with cannellini beans and garlicky leeks 6

For me, the new year always brings a vow to eat healthier, so I was excited to hear about the Healthy Treats challenge, which is being run by Rennie (the makers of tablets that help with heartburn and indigestion). After being in dire need of some Rennie tablets pretty much constantly for the last couple of weeks after eating my weight in chocolate and cheese, I thought the … [Read more...]

How to cut up butternut squash (without losing a finger!)

How to cut up a butternut squash 5

Butternut squash is my arch nemesis of the cooking world. I absolutely love eating it, I even love cooking with it, but chopping it up… not so much. I quite like having ten fingers, and don’t fancy losing one any time soon (…well, ever, really), but often when I chop a squash I definitely feel like it’s a possibility. Luckily, I’ve learned one or two little tricks that can make … [Read more...]

Butternut squash and red lentil stew

Butternut squash and red lentil stew 3

Are you feeling a bit worse for wear this winter? I seem to get a cold without fail every year, and just generally feel a bit rotten for months on end. As if the cold, wet weather and dark mornings weren't enough, mother nature consistently decides that this time of year should also involve a runny nose and a constant earache. Luckily, this butternut squash and lentil stew is … [Read more...]

Thai green curry noodle soup

Thai green curry noodle soup 8

I'm so excited to tell you about a product today. As soon as I saw these noodles online, I just knew that I had to tell you about them! As a vegetarian, it can be really easy to fall into the trap of having pasta / noodles for every meal - which isn't the most nutritious way of eating. Buuut, these noodles from Explore Asian are different - they're made from beans! Which … [Read more...]

Homemade Thai green curry paste

Homemade Thai green curry paste 5

I seem to be on a bit of a roll with making things from scratch! As I said before, I figure if you make everything from scratch once, you can then decide whether it's worth doing again. And homemade Thai green curry paste is definitely one I'll do again! Maybe not every single time, but it makes a seriously good curry. In the past I've always been a bit afraid of making … [Read more...]

Slow cooker ratatouille

Slow cooker ratatouille 3

100% vegetables! That's what's in this slow cooker ratatouille - pure vegetables. Nothing else. No oil (!!), no additional flavourings - they're just not needed! Slow cooking the vegetables makes them super soft and super sweet, and makes for an incredible ratatouille. This is the sort of dish that reminds you just how amazing vegetables can be on their … [Read more...]

Easy homemade refried beans

Easy homemade refried beans 4

I've told you before how much I looove refried beans. I usually just buy a tin (these are my absolute favourite!), but since I do enjoy a bit of a dabble in the kitchen, I thought I'd make my own for a change. I figure you should make everything from scratch at least once so you can make an educated decision about whether or not it's worth it. So far I've decided that it's … [Read more...]

Salt and vinegar roasted cauliflower

Salt and vinegar roasted cauliflower 4

You know those really healthy snacks that people claim are sooooo delicious, when really they just taste like cardboard, or a stick, or a bowlful of gruel? This is totally not like that. Roasted cauliflower is low carb and low calorie, buuuut it also tastes amazing - and I am not generally one to enjoy healthy alternatives to not-so-healthy dishes. I usually prefer the … [Read more...]

Black bean and walnut taco-style lettuce wraps

Black bean and walnut taco-style lettuce wraps 2

I bet you never thought you’d see such a healthy recipe on Amuse Your Bouche, right? It’s vegan, it’s full of protein, and there are no empty carbs at all. Shocking. The truth is, I’ve been obsessing over that walnut taco ‘meat’ from the taco potato crisps recipe I posted about earlier in the month, and I wanted to make it again in a new incarnation. This time I added some … [Read more...]

Wild rice and kale salad with smoky sweet potatoes

Wild rice and kale salad with smoky sweet potatoes 4

Hellooooo autumn! With Halloween just around the corner, I've been loving all sorts of autumnal ingredients lately. I like to cook with seasonal ingredients when I can, and autumn is the perfect time of year if you like hearty, feel good ingredients. Liiiike, sweet potatoes! Roast 'em up and toss them with some garlicky kale, wild rice and pine nuts, and you've got yourself … [Read more...]

Portobello ‘steak’ strips

Portobello steak strips 5

These portobello 'steak' strips are not: - identical to real steak - going to fool anyone into thinking they're real steak - as chewy as real steak (...I assume...) These portobello 'steak' strips are: - dark and smoky and full of flavour - useful as a vegan alternative for recipes that might otherwise call for steak - completely delicious in their own … [Read more...]